By People Staff
Updated July 11, 2008 12:00 AM

youtube= setup: the teams competing for the title of America’s Best Dance Crew had to deal with a tough transition, going from the normal rhythm of a song to a sped-up version. Shane Sparks predicted before the show that the transition would “kill a lot of ,” and the most crews seemed to get through the tough part by staying safely in their comfort zones.

But when one crew, Fanny Pak, took a risk with a crazy, prom-themed routine set to Mariah Carey‘s “Touch My Body,” it really stood out. Megan ‘Meg’ Lawson put a twist on the punch-spiking prom clich by slipping in a poison that makes the prom-goers dance wildly before collapsing on the floor. Watch the video.

Super Cr3w took a beating from Sparks, usually their biggest fan, for the first time tonight with a routine that relied too much on their b-boy tricks. JC Chasez said once again that he needed to see more actual dancing in their routines, and for once, Sparks agreed with him, saying their performance “didn’t kill it.”

Supreme Soul and Phresh Select ended up in the bottom two with underwhelming performances. The Pheshies relied on gimmicks with Erkel costumes and a mannequin in a very literal interpretation of The-Dream‘s “Shawty is a 10,” but even though the judges said it was their best performance yet, it wasn’t enough to save them.

The guys of Phresh Select were philosophical about having to return home to Philly. Jon ‘Jonny Electric’ Bulack even had some compliments for Supreme Soul: “They have some of the most incredible dances out there, and if we’re going to lose to someone, I have no problem losing to them,” he said. “You know them for three weeks and you feel like you’re best friends with them.”

Next week, the crews perform routines to Janet Jackson songs. — Madeleine Desmond

Tell us: Which Janet song would you like your favorite crew to dance to?