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August 07, 2015 03:45 PM

After weeks of crazy (and often terrifying!) challenges, the American Ninja Warrior season 7 contestants have more than proven themselves, and Mount Midoriyama is finally within our sights.

And yet, just when we thought ANW couldn’t get any harder, the show introduced seemingly impossible obstacles like the flying shelf grab (where contestants must jump to grab a 2 in.-wide ledge and then swing to safety) and the hourglass drop (contestants must jump between two shelves assisted only by an unpredictable trampoline).

Before finals begin on Monday night, let’s look back at a few of the most impressive runs of the season.

7. Sam Sann glides through the Houston Finals with ease.
ANW guru Sam is trainer to many of the other contestants and is basically a Ninja-producing machine! So when it came time for the legend himself to step up to the platform, we definitely had high expectations. Sam did not disappoint.

6. Meagan Martin proves girls can anything boys can do.
Following in the footsteps of last season’s phenom Kacy Catanzaro, who praised the run in her exclusive PEOPLE blog, Meagan absolutely crushed it when it came the Kansas City Qualifiers, and our hearts raced when she made it up the warped wall. She may have taken a tumble when it came to the city finals, but we’re hoping her impressive run is enough to land her a spot as a wild card.

5. Nicholas Coolridge becomes the only man to complete the Venice Finals.
This round was so difficult that not even American Ninja Warrior vet Kevin Bull could complete it. Watch in awe as Nicholas climbs the invisible ladder to victory.

4. Robin Pietschman wins our hearts at the Military Qualifiers.
Calm, cool and collected, the coast guard rescue swimmer completed one of the most memorable runs of the night when he defeated and the odds to ring that buzzer!

3. The cowboy Ninja finishes with the fastest run of the night at the Kansas City Finals.
Not only does he have a smokin’ hot bod, but Lance Pekus is also crazy talented! Our favorite moment? Watching him swing through bungee road like it was no big deal.

2. Jonathan Horton becomes the shortest man to make it up the warped wall.
At 5’1″, the Olympic gymnast made heads turn (and clearly defied the laws of physics) when he ran up the 15’5″ high ramp.

1. Joe Moravsky crushes the competition at Pittsburgh Qualifiers and looks awesome doing it.
Our favorite weatherman has done it again! He may not be the tallest, and he may not be the bulkiest, but time and time again, Joe has proven to be the toughest. We can’t wait to see him take on the city finals.

American Ninja Warrior airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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