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February 07, 2014 07:15 AM

The group round of American Idol‘s Hollywood Week is always filled with drama, and this year was no exception: Harry Connick Jr. quit the competition.

As a joke, of course.

“I am dropping out of the judges’ panel,” Connick said, after the surprising exit of Tiquila Wilson, who quit without warning to follow her dreams of becoming a gospel artist.

When Keith Urban asked Connick why, he deadpanned, “I just don’t like the other judges.”

“Bye, Harry,” said Jennifer Lopez. “We’ll miss you.”

Chances are good the judges won’t miss Stephanie Hanvey’s outspoken stage mom, who brought the mama drama after her 16-year-old daughter was eliminated.

“Judges didn’t see behind the scenes,” Hanvey’s mother yelled at 23-year-old Jessica Meuse, who had already endured her own drama, after leaving her first group to search for a new one at the last minute, only to forget the lyrics to “Single Ladies” on stage but have her group save her. “You would not practice Hand to my Bible.”

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“You are so rude,” Meuse said, exiting in tears. “Drama follows me everywhere.”

“America’s not gonna pick her,” Hanvey’s mom continued, before telling her daughter not to cry on camera.

Country singers Dexter Roberts, Casey Thrasher and Ben Briley went against the grain by putting a twist on the boy band group tradition by naming themselves Backstreet Cowboys and singing “I Want It That Way” – with twangs.

“There is a huge shortage on plaid across the world,” Connick joked as the Cowboys took the stage.

Urban termed them “very entertaining,” and all moved on to the next round.

In the end, the ladies seemed to rule group night, with singers including Paula Hunt, Andrina Brogden, M.K. Nobilette and Briana Oakley among the standouts.

A total of 77 contestants moved on to Hollywood Week’s Solo Round starting on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX, where they will perform one final song in order to earn the chance to sing for America’s vote.

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