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May 02, 2013 12:00 PM

Nicki Minaj didn’t just imagine it. Candice Glover really has lost weight since being on American Idol this season – though admittedly, not always in the most healthy way.

“We’re under so much pressure, and we’re going and going and going. You sometimes forget to eat until you get in the car and you’re like, ‘Oh … gosh. I haven’t eaten!’ ” the Idol finalist, 23, told PEOPLE after Wednesday’s show.

Minaj commented on Glover’s appearance after her amazing performance of “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. “I don’t know if you lost weight, but baby girl, you look good,” she said.

And that left Glover thrilled.

“I’m really glad Nicki acknowledged that,” she said, “because she’s all, ‘What’s going to happen when you get off the show? Are you going to be a star? Or are you going to fall off the face of the Earth?”

So, how much weight has Glover lost? “I think I lost like 25 [lbs.] before the show. But since I’ve been on the show, I’ve lost like an additional 10,” she says.

And when she is eating, she’s trying to eat healthy.

“Every time we have a chance to eat, it’s like, ‘Oh, I’ll just eat this burger. I’ll just eat it this one time. And then next week I’ll get a salad,’ ” she says. “But you have to put the burger aside and do what you’ve got to do, because you want to look like a star.”

Reporting by PATRICK GOMEZ

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