Meanwhile, beau Casper Smart supports his girlfriend in the audience at Idol's first live taping

By Liz Raftery
February 29, 2012 11:05 AM
Warwick Saint/FOX

Jennifer Lopez took some friendly ribbing from her fellow American Idol judge Steven Tyler Tuesday night, as the Aerosmith frontman teased her about her reported wardrobe malfunction at the Oscars.

Though Lopez’s stylist has denied there was a slip, that didn’t stop Tyler from poking a little fun as the show taped its first live show of Season 11.

“Who am I?” Tyler, 63, asked the audience during Tuesday night’s Idol, before sneezing and pulling his shirt open to reveal his chest.

“There was no nipple!” responded Lopez, 42.

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Aside from Tyler’s gentle kidding, Lopez certainly had her share of support. The audience cheered loudly when she walked to her seat, and sitting in the crowd was her beau, Casper Smart.

Wearing a gray hoodie and jeans, Smart closely observed and applauded the performances and Lopez’s critiques. The two shared glances and smiles throughout the night, even after Smart laughed at Tyler’s quip.

• Reporting by PATRICK GOMEZ

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