We all know about William Hung, but does anyone remember Tashawn Moore?

By Alex Heigl
Updated April 06, 2015 10:30 AM
Ray Mickshaw/WireImage

At its peak, the reality juggernaut American Idol seemed like a perfectly scripted high drama occasionally soundtracked with Bee Gees songs. At its lows, it was also that, but with worse singing.

We’re all going to miss the chills-inducing performances and heartwarming stories of personal triumph, yes, but we’re going to miss the train-wreck auditions that gave Simon Cowell a chance to wild out on some sorely misguided people and let us all feel a little bit better about ourselves.

And because we’re all familiar with William Hung, General Larry Platt, Keith Beukelaer and the inimitable James Lewis (not to mention “Red” Thoen and – God love her – Mary Roach), there are a few stars whose terrible auditions haven’t been hung from the show’s rafters in quite the same way.

Jarrod Norrell

Otherwise known as “the guy who wouldn’t leave,” Norrell’s season nine audition culminated in his being escorted from the audition room by two security guards. He was later shown being handcuffed.

Martik Manoukian

“I’m very fiery,” Manoukian said early on. “Fire equaling three men,” he helpfully quantified. His striptease, insistence on performing an original song called “Sweetest Princess,” and big cat impression left us all vigorously nodding in agreement … and then backing away slowly.

Derek Stillings

Stillings oversold himself right from the start, telling judges that he believed he “could do a lot for this country.” In a sense, he was right.

Jacqueline Roman

We’re not sure which is worse: being doomed to be known as “Scat Girl” on the Internet forever, or hearing the final note Roman lets out at the end of her version of “Route 66.”

Gregory and Mia Tobias

Never have a prolonged stare and a pair of exchanged nods said so much.

Tashawn Moore

Sadly, this video doesn’t have the best part of Moore’s audition, which is how she whispers “yes” after each time the judges say “no.” “I just like to hear it,” she says, which is well, kind of heartbreaking. But still, hailing from Minneapolis and mangling a Prince song like that? Come on.

Darwin Reedy

Reedy, or Meesha, brought her mom to the audition! For … help, we guess. And don’t worry, she’s kept at the music thing, unbowed by her lack of Idol success. Check out her YouTube channel for more.