Ryan Seacrest still sees white and gold
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

Can we all finally agree it’s black and blue?

American Idol contestant Jax hit the stage at The Fillmore in Detroit on Thursday wearing the dress, reigniting the age-old (okay, week-old) debate.

Ryan Seacrest was baffled. “Is this the dress that broke the Internet?” he asked.

“I see blue and black,” he added, before holding up his iPhone to show off the original picture that caused so much controversy and heartbreak last week. “In this, I see white and gold. I’m totally confused.”

Seacrest, 40, took to Instagram afterwards to continue his philosophical meltdown. “Even with @jax wearing the actual dress I still see white/gold in the pic,” he wrote.

By all mean,s Seacrest, keep pondering. Just don’t get a tattoo of the thing. Trust us, this guy’s regretting it right about now.