Matthew Morrison And Jane Lynch Want to Star in 'American Horror Story'

The former Glee stars tell PEOPLE they do not miss their old hit show


Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch have reunited to give fans the gift of song this holiday season.

Lynch tells PEOPLE of her former Glee costar: “We have our own lovely way of working together.”

So when the opportunity presented itself for the 55-year-old to select a singing partner for Febreze’s 12 Stinks of Christmas campaign, she didn’t think twice about re-teaming with the one-time Will Schuester to her Sue Sylvester – but just because the two are happy to be paired up again doesn’t mean they miss the good old days on Glee.

“We don’t,” the two say in unison with a laugh.

“It ended at the right time,” Lynch adds.

“It ran its course,” Morrison says. “I think it hit the highest of highs and you know some lows as well, just in terms of you know heartbreak and stuff like that, but it was just a great run and I think we got the best thing of it out of it in each other.”

While Morrison and Lynch aren’t crying tears over the end of Glee, they are happy to have been part of the groundbreaking show.

“We thank Ryan Murphy,” says Lynch, 55. “He’s always out there putting his thumb on what’s happening in the world and what problems kids are having, and he was the first one on them and he would stop production to have an episode on bullying because some kid was bullied notoriously in the news.”

And even though they’re busy with their own projects – Morrison, 37, is currently performing in the Broadway production of Finding Neverland and Lynch’s new CBS show Angel from Hell premieres on Jan. 7 – the two say they would love to be a part of Murphy’s American Horror Story and Scream Queens.

“I would love to do something crazy on one of those shows,” Lynch says. “I think it would be great.”

Morrison adds, “Yeah, me too! It would be fun.”

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