'American Horror Story' House To Go Up for Sale: Would You Live There?

The $17 million mansion will soon be on the market – can you guess which star says he'd never buy it?


It’s got six bedrooms, five baths, and – according to TV lore – a whole lot of ghosts in the basement.

The Los Angeles mansion that’s a star in its own right on the creepy FX hit American Horror Story will likely go up for sale in 2012, and for a mere $17 million, you can own the most awesome piece of show memorabilia around.

The AHS house, a.k.a. the Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion, is a three-story home plus a grand ballroom (formerly a chapel) that features Tiffany stained glass widows and light fixtures – just as one of the deceased characters points out on the show.

According to real estate agent Joe Babjian’s listing, other amenities include six vintage tile fireplaces, a formal dining room with hand-painted ceiling and a solarium overlooking the 30,000-square foot lot.

Unfortunately, Dylan McDermott and company do not come with the package. The cast shot the pilot in the actual house, but have been shooting on an replica stages since.

And we already know of one cast member who won’t be relocating to the now famous abode.

“I would never, ever want to live in that house,” Evan Peters (who stars as Tate on the series) told PEOPLE last month. “It’s old and creepy and the whole atmosphere there is really terrifying.”

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