You'll Never Guess What America Ferrera Did for Her First Job

"I was never too proud to make a buck," says Ferrera

Photo: Nino Mu oz

America Ferrera has always worked hard for her money.

“We didn’t have a lot of expendable income” the Superstore actress, 31, says in the current issue of PEOPLE of growing up in Los Angeles as the youngest of six kids born to Honduran immigrants. “If I wanted money to do anything, I had to earn it.”

So by the time she was a tween, Ferrera already had her first job.

“I first got paid to clean up after my neighbor’s pet pig,” she says. “And it wasn’t the cutest or friendliest pig. It was big and had wiry hair. It wasn’t Babe.”

Ferrera didn’t love the job, but “I’ll get down on my knees and scrub your pig’s poop if it means not having to beg my brother for $2 so I can get an ice cream,” she says. “I was never too proud to make a buck.”

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By high school, Ferrera was working the early-morning breakfast shift at the restaurant in the hotel where her mother worked.

“I was a horrible waitress,” she admits. “I am just not a morning person so my brain just wasn’t working that early. I’ve always been a big sleeper. I love my sleep. So I’m glad my waitressing days are behind me.”

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