SlutWalk Returns! Amber Rose Is Bringing Her Event Back This October: 'It's Going to Be Much Bigger and Better'

The social media star and soon-to-be VH1 host, is taking to the streets with her unique message once again

Photo: OWN

Amber Rose‘s shoes were made for walking.

The former model turned entrepreneur and soon-to-be VH1 talk show host tells PEOPLE exclusively that on October 1, she’s hitting the streets with her SlutWalk for a second year in a row.

“It’s going to be much, much bigger and better” Rose, 32, says of the walk that seeks to promote female empowerment and put an end to slut-shaming and victim-blaming. For this year’s event, her Amber Rose Foundation has launched a CrowdRise campaign to help raise funds.

“Last year people didn’t quite understand what a SlutWalk was,” says Rose, who took to the stage last year recounting her own painful experiences of public scrutiny. “The number one misconception was people assuming that it was a walk to promote prostitution or promiscuity, which is really stupid. That’s the total opposite of what it was.”

As Rose previously told PEOPLE, she launched the walk after being moved by a photo of a young woman wearing pasties with the words ‘Still Not Asking for It’ written on her chest.

“I wanted to do something,” said Rose, 32, who is well-known for her own revealing, body-confident fashion choices. “The point is you can wear whatever you want and it’s not an invitation.”

After a year of explaining the cause, Rose says SlutWalk has new legs. “People finally get it.” Highlights of this year’s event include on-site HIV testing, counseling, a fashion show, art installations, musical and celebrity guests. “Now a number of famous women are reaching out, wanting to be involved, which is a lot more than we had last year,” says Rose.

As for who she’ll be walking with, “My mom, of course,” she says, though her 3-year-old son Sebastian, with ex Wiz Khalifa, will likely sit this one out. “I don’t know if he’s old enough to come to SlutWalk yet, but if not this year, next year for sure.”

Still, another guy might be by her side: Rose’s boyfriend, Toronto Raptors player Terrence Ross. “He told me he’s going to try his hardest, but if he has to work, I know he’ll be there in spirit.”

“SlutWalk completely changed my life,” she says. “I view things differently. I want it to get to the point where calling a girl a ‘ho’ or a ‘slut’ is so out of reach. We women aren’t settling for that anymore.”

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