Amber Rose Says Blac Chyna's Legal Battle with Rob Kardashian Over Nude Photos Is 'Giving Women a Voice'

Asked if she had anything to say about the expanding Kardashian/Jenner family, she smiled and said, "We love the babies over here!"

3rd Annual Amber Rose SlutWalk
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Aye aye, captain!

Participants understood Amber Rose‘s command and happily complied with her order at the third
annual SlutWalk in Los Angeles on Sunday.

“It’s a movement,” she said in a live Instagram video in the car on her way to the event, where she dressed as alter ego Captain Save a Ho, with a white leotard, cape and all.

“We saving hoes out here at slutwalk, savin’ em all,” Rose said in the video. Her white leotard with pink piping and glittery cape signified way more than just an outfit: Rose wanted to empower participants and take away the negative stigmas attached to women’s sexuality.

“Well you know it is no secret that I love to be controversial,” she told PEOPLE on the red carpet. “I love to piss people off in order to bring awareness, and that is what I did with my Captain Save a Ho costume. You know, we as women have been called derogatory labels since the beginning of time, and we are fed up, and there is a lot of women out there that don’t like to embrace those labels, I do, because it takes the pain away from me, so whatever your choice is and how you deal with slut-shaming and derogatory labels, then that is how you deal with it, but most of my fans and myself, we like to embrace those!”

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Also in attendance? Her boyfriend 21 Savage and good friend Blac Chyna, who is currently in a legal battle with her ex Rob Kardashian for posting nude picture of her online. Asked about the importance of Chyna’s case against Kardashian, Rose said it gives women a voice.

“You know, it is extremely important,” she said. “I always say, before Trump was president, can you imagine me and you, regular girls and he comes up and grabs us by the p—-, right? Who do you call? Do you call 911? Or the police officer in your district? Or do you try to call the White House and try to figure it out? Who do you talk to? No one is going to believe you, this is Donald Trump. All they are going to do is scrutinize you and tell you that you just want money. Look what they have been doing to Bill Cosby‘s victims! Me, [Chyna’s attorney], Lisa Bloom, Blac Chyna and everyone and every women out here right now is now giving women a voice that they didn’t have before.”

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As for herself, Rose is in a great place with rapper 21 Savage, who walked alongside her all day.

“Of course my baby’s here to support me,” she said in an Instagram video Sunday. Though the two were very close — he held his arm around her, and the two lovingly kissed for photographers on the red carpet — they are not engaged, as some fans speculated from the image of a woman’s hand with a ring on that finger that Rose posted on Instagram.

“That is not me! That was not me with the ring,” Rose said “Oh my God! You know, it was so funny, because I didn’t even think about it. A girl had a cartoon face of me on her nails, and I took a picture of her nail, and her ring was in the picture, and I swear to God I was like, ‘Oh your nail looks cool!’ And that was not me. I am not engaged. Not yet.”

Despite her allegiance to Chyna, Rose had well wishes for Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who are both pregnant with their first children, and Kim Kardashian West, who is expecting her third child via a surrogate.

Asked if she had anything to say about the expanding family, she smiled and said, “We love the babies over here!”

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