MUVA Moments: 8 Times Amber Rose Was Unabashedly Outspoken

Amber Rose proudly wears the title "Feminist" – and don't ask her to apologize for it

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Amber Rose tells it like it is – proudly.

The star – who was once best known as Kanye West‘s ex and later Wiz Khalifa‘s wife – has come into her own as a self-declared feminist and an outspoken member of Hollywood’s new social media elite.

“This is my life. This is about me. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. I’m going to do anything and everything I want with my own life,” she explained to MOTTO in January.

Ahead of the 32-year-old’s weekly talk show, The Amber Rose Show, which features pop culture coverage and celebrity interviews starting Friday on VH1 debut, here are some of Rose’s most unplugged moments.

1. When she launched the SlutWalk

Tired of the victim-blaming often tied to sexual violence, Rose helped orchestrate the SlutWalk in Los Angeles.

Rose and activists gathered to call attention to what they say are double standards for women who are the victims of sex-related crimes.

The event will get a second movement this October, Rose told PEOPLE. “The point is you can wear whatever you want and it’s not an invitation,” she explained.

2. When she wore a jumpsuit covered in insults
Hitting the 2015 VMAs red carpet with pal Blac Chyna, Rose put her haters on blast with a skin-tight nude ensemble covered with derogatory words like “bitch,” “hoe” and “slut.”

“They call us sluts and whores all the time, so we just embrace it,” Rose said. “I have slut written across my vagina.”

3. When she made the walk of “no” shame on camera
There’s no shame in the morning after, Rose assured in a 2015 Funny or Die sketch with How to Get Away with Murder‘s Matt McGorry.

In the sketch, titled “Walk of No Shame,” Rose was applauded for leaving a man’s house in the same ensemble as the night before.

“Good morning! Say, it looks to me like you had sex last night,” a milkman asked Rose in the clip. After she said yes, the man responded, cheerfully, “Sounds like you’re living your best life!”

4. When she defended her child online – and tore down Kanye
Things did not end well between Rose and West, if their post-break up public interactions are any indication.

When Rose’s son with ex Khalifa was brought up during a Twitter war between the rappers this January, she was quick to stand up for Sebastian – albeit, with a little NSFW flair.

“You better not come for Sebastian. Not my baby. I will protect him,” she told PEOPLE of the incident.

She said of West in another interview with the Allegedly podcast: “It just shows the type of person he is. Even him saying stuff about my son, I still didn’t say anything about his kids. I’m not going to. This is ridiculous. They’re innocent babies. You don’t ever, ever talk about a baby, ever.”

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5. When she published a how-to book about living your best life

Rose’s book How to Be a Bad Bitch hit stores last fall and functions as both an autobiography and a guide for women.

Some sample tidbits: “Don’t avoid getting seconds of food if you’re still hungry. From my own experience, a lot of guys find it very attractive,” and “You should always make sure you look presentable, even just for going to the corner store.”

6. When she launched her own emojis
Rose’s MuvaMojis are just as daring as the star’s personality.

From a condom to some BDSM-inspired characters, Rose’s emojis cover quite the gamut.

7. When she founded The Amber Rose Foundation
The Amber Rose Foundation, which helps run the SlutWalk, “is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote discussion about women’s rights and equality issues. The foundation is specifically geared towards women empowerment and fighting against victim blaming,” according to its website.

8. When she talked about the feminist movement on Larry King Now

Joining McGorry once again, Rose sat down for a Larry King Now panel about feminism and sexual assault.

“I think that society does teach us as a culture that if you are sexy then you can’t be smart,” Rose explained, “or if you’re confident in your sexuality, you are asking for it.”

The Amber Rose Show premieres on Friday at 11 p.m. ET on VH1.

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