Amber Portwood accuses ex-boyfriend Matt Baier of physical abuse in an exclusive Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition sneak peek

By Natalie Stone
March 16, 2018 09:54 AM

Amber Portwood is making physical abuse allegations against her ex-fiancé, Matt Baier.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Friday evening’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, the former couple gets into a heated argument, in which Portwood claims her ex-boyfriend physically assaulted her in the past.

“That’s the truth! Why do you think I’m so angry? Because you put your f—— hands on me,” a standing Portwood, 27, screams at a sitting Baier, whom she split from last year.

“Oh b——-,” he fires back.

Watching the explosive interaction are relationship counselors Dr. Ish and Dr. V, who assess the scene through a TV screen.

“Accusations of abuse are coming from both Amber and Matt, and it’s clear this is an abusive relationship. Physical violence is non-negotiable,” says Dr. V. “Either the abuse ends or the relationship does.”

Also watching the screaming match — but not taking a step to mediate — is Portwood’s mother, Tonya. “Tonya, she is quite literally just sitting there stuck in the middle. She should be trying to calm things down, but I fear that she’s frozen in fear realizing that she’s basically watching herself. Because Amber didn’t learn this behavior on her own,” explains Dr. Ish.

The argument escalates even further when the Teen Mom OG star alleges that Baier “hit” her.

“You are one of the most violent people I’ve ever —” he says before Portwood cuts him off while screaming, “Because you hit me!”

Baier is quick to refute her allegations, saying, “Nobody’s hit you, you’re a liar. Who went to prison for battery: me or you?”

“Oh my God, I’ll take a f—— lie detector test,” says Portwood, whose mother comes and comforts her. “You need help,” the tearful reality star tells Baier. “I f—— love you and you need help.”

Last July, Portwood opened up about her tumultuous relationship with Baier on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s podcast, This Life #YouLive.

“We are talking, but we’re not talking in a sense that we’re going to get back together,” Portwood said. “We argue too much.”

“We are not living together. We haven’t lived together in now almost two months,” Portwood told Pinsky. “I broke up with him before we went on Family Boot Camp.”

Although the couple has parted ways and since found love with new people — Portwood is dating Andrew Glennon, with whom she is expecting a baby boy, and Baier is married to Jennifer Kathleen Conlon — he only wants the best for the MTV star.

“All I ever wanted for Amber is for her to be happy and safe,” Baier told E! News. “We spent three years building a life together and they were the three happiest years of my life. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition airs Fridays (9 p.m. ET) on WE tv.