New Amazon Show 'Beat' Explores the 'Hedonism' of Berlin's Techno Clubs — and a Murder Mystery

Beat will be available Nov. 9 on Amazon Prime Video.

Photo: Amazon

When Warner Brothers offered German filmmaker Marco Kreuzpainter the opportunity to create whatever show he wanted, the director (who lived in Berlin for 12 years) decided to revisit his former city.

“I put all the memories about those 12 years onto a page,” Kreuzpaintner, 41, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I thought it was amazing that there was no show about Berlin’s famous nightlife.”

“Berlin is the secret main character,” adds Jannis Niewöhner, who plays the titular character in Beat.

The show follows Robert Schlag, known in the techno scene as “Beat,” as he is recruited to be an undercover insider for the European Secret Services.


Niewöhner, 26, notes that the case Beat reluctantly becomes involved in — the organ-smuggling trade — plays in sharp contrast to the “hedonism” in the German nightclubs.

“There is a possibility to feel freedom in techno clubs,” Niewöhner tells PEOPLE. “It’s a special place. What happens in the clubs has nothing to do with the world outside. It’s all about the music.”

“These nightclubs have a very free way to talk about sexuality,” Kreuzpaintner adds. “There’s no pictures, no VIP. Everyone is the same. The people dress in black or dark or fetish, but it’s not a dirty place. It’s an expression of freedom.”


Kreuzpaintner tells PEOPLE that he is excited for international audiences to be able to see Beat through Amazon.

“It’s fantastic to see that younger audiences are experiencing German work,” he says. “You can get it in almost every territory at the same time. It can be seen around the world.”

Beat will be available Nov. 9 on Amazon Prime Video.

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