'Amazing Race' 's Volleyball Players Wish They Could Race Forever

Rachel Johnston and Katie Seamon tell PEOPLE about getting behind and not being able to recover

Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS

Professional beach volleyball players Rachel Johnston, 24, and Katie Seamon, 23, were almost as bummed to relive their elimination from The Amazing Race on TV as they were when it initially happened in Norway. “I was sad, then happy watching Rachel crying and saying, ‘I wish we could have raced forever.’ We have these great memories but we would’ve liked to make more of them,” Seamon told PEOPLE the morning after their final episode aired.

What went wrong? Did any one event lead to elimination?
Katie: The fourth leg was the worst ever. We were so stressed. Everyone was lying and hiding things. Not getting on that first flight really hurt us. We weren’t able to recover from that.

And then they stuck you two warm-weather girls in the cold of Sweden and Norway.
Katie: We dreaded the snow challenge. I’m not a big fan of winter sports.
Rachel: Understatement. You threw your sled off the mountain.
Katie: We struggled and that put us in a horrible position for the next leg.

What was the hardest element of The Race?
Katie: Dealing with the anxiety of not knowing what everyone else is doing or where you stand in the pack at all times. You’ll be driving in the car and the whole time you have no idea where anyone else is and the whole time your heart is pounding in fear that you’ll come in last.
Rachel: Those sleds were scary and dangerous. We were careening down the mountain like maniacs on a sled that was so hard to control and you’d just be launched over the side of the mountain.

Was it harder than the bridge repel and ascension?
Katie: Coming back up was physically demanding and my arms were killing me but I was in control the whole time. I could do five repetitions and then take a break whereas the sleds were so much more frightening.

Was it an advantage to have already competed together in a team sport?
Rachel: It was huge. We’re already used to plotting and strategizing against other teams. We know each other’s trigger points and we know how each other deals with being mad or sad. And if there is bickering, we know it is about the game and not personal.

Did you learn about yourselves or each other?
Katie: It opened our eyes to how truly big the world is and how little of it we’ve seen. It made us want to travel more. As friends, it was such a valuable time we got to spend together.

Katie, sorry your dream of buying a place at the Jersey Shore with your part of the winnings was ruined.
Katie: Me too. It would have been nice to have my own place overlooking the ocean so I could hang out with Snooki every day.

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