By People Staff
Updated November 11, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

After being eliminated from The Amazing Race, best friends Kelly and Christy took the loss hard, breaking into tears at the finish line in New Delhi, India. Although the divorcees had plenty of confidence, failure to read the clues closely left Kelly and Christy wondering what could have happened. Post Race, they’ve rebounded with grace — setting up a fundraising initiative and public-speaking engagements on female empowerment. Kelly and Christy shared their memories of The Amazing Race with PEOPLE over the phone Monday and revealed that they are both dating — and are still in touch with Dan and Andrew — and hope to be on the next season of The Amazing Race: All Stars. — Nicholas White

The loss must have been tough because you’re so competitive.Christy: To us, not winning the Race was crushing, because we didn’t envision ourselves as anything but the first-place finisher with a $1 million check in our hands. To me, I’ve had to adopt a mindset of it’s not the end of the Race. It’s really been the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. It’s exciting. At the same time, it’s sad. Kelly: I was disappointed. We were both kind of shock. We both couldn’t believe it, it was very sad.

Who helped you get over the heartbreak?Kelly: Christy and her family are kind of like my family. When we went home and it was over even though we didn’t win, her mom was so supportive. I was really, really sad. It made everything better.

Who are you still friends with? Do you still talk with your rivals Dan and Andrew?Christy: We’ve all said little snippy things about each other as the show has aired. But for the most part, we all get along. We email each other back and forth. I have a Facebook account. The day after the episode where Dandrew refers to Kelly and me as “semi-attractive,” I got an instant message pop-up from Dan saying, “Are you guys mad at us?” I wrote back and said, “Why, because you called us semi-attractive?” He said, “Yeah, haha.” I wrote back, “No. We know we’re hot.”

Are you dating anyone post-marriage?Kelly: I’m dating someone. I really don’t feel I grew up with the best example of what a normal healthy marriage should be, since my parents got divorced. I don’t really know if I will ever get remarried. The person that’s in my life is wonderful and special. He understands me. There are very few that do, so I lucked out there. Christy: I have been single since my breakup with my ex-husband. I have dated off and on. Never a boyfriend. I have recently started seeing someone that I really have a crush on, so we’ll see what happens.

What else are you doing now?Christy: Our foundation ( was just started prior to the airing of the Cambodia episode. We threw a charity fundraiser event for that particular country. We see a lot of potential. The speaking engagements are a totally new adventure that we are just now beginning to work on. It’s a goal of ours to change the world by helping women see their own value, that they don’t need a man to validate their self-worth. We’re not anti-men, but we’re anti-bad relationship. If we change one person’s life, then we’ll be good.

Were you happy with your Race strategy?Christy: People have gone back and forth about would you have established some alliances. Would the game have turned out differently if you changed your strategy? I am a big fan of Kelly and Christy, and think we do a great job by ourselves. I was really proud of the game we played, however you want to say it. Kelly: I’m very proud of us, I’m proud of everything we suffered though and how well we did. It was a lot of fun. I’m really glad we got to do it. I have a good feeling we’ll be back for All Stars, so this is not all they’re going to get of Kelly and Christy. Monty Brinton/CBS