'Amazing Race' : Lucky Number Eight

Gary and Mallory avoid elimination after a filling detour derails several teams

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS/Landov

We knew something might be up when we saw Gary and Mallory speak at the beginning of Sunday night’s Amazing Race. Reflecting on their last race – when they were eliminated in the eighth leg – they said they didn’t want to leave the competition that early for a second time. And while they came close, luck was on their side.

Teams left India and headed for Vienna, Austria. After some non-drama at two travel agencies – the Cowboys chose a slightly later series of flights that had one less stopover, while the remaining teams selected the same two-stop flight – everyone arrived on time in Vienna, hopped into their Ford Focuses and backed up over their first clue: Schloss Schallaburg. Racers zipped off to the gorgeous castle, and received a large book, directing them to Librarian Prunksaal Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Wien – a.k.a. the National Library.

Upon dropping their books at the library, everyone headed for the Detour: Long and Hard Walk or Quick and Easy Meal. Walk, which the Globetrotters and Goths chose off the bat, required grabbing a couch from the home of Sigmund Freud and carrying it one mile to the University of Vienna, where the famed neurologist taught. In Meal, teams popped into a restaurant and grabbed two huge plates of Austrian food – plus a big slice of cake – then headed for the famed Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel. They had to finish their food in the 12 minutes they were on the wheel, or try again. Amazingly, not one of the teams – Kisha and Jen, Zev and Justin or Gary and Mallory – finished, and all went on to try Walk.

In the meantime, the Globetrotters finished their Detour first, followed by the Goths, who could not seem to stop fighting in this episode. Next came Kisha and Jen, followed by the Cowboys, who were able to catch up after the other teams failed at the eating challenge. Zev and Justin were next, followed by Gary and Mallory, who struggled behind.

From there, everyone drove to a restaurant in Salzburg, Austria, for the Roadblock: chimney sweeping! One member of each team chose a professional chimney sweep to work with, donned the proper garb and headed to a rooftop to clean three chimneys. After they were done, they headed to the building’s basement to clean the soot and collect their next clue.

Everyone sped through the challenge, and drove off to the next Pit Stop: Villa Trapp, a real-life home of the famous von Trapp family. The Globetrotters, who had been in first, accidentally drove past the home, giving Justin and Zev first place – and two new cars. The Globetrotters managed second, followed by the Goths, Kisha and Jen and the Cowboys. Gary and Mallory came running in to the news they were in last place, but thankfully for them, it was a non-elimination round.

They’ll face a Speed Bump in next week’s episode – but at least history didn’t repeat itself.

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