After several come-from-behind victories, the Cowboys finally fall
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS (2)

This week’s Amazing Race challenges weren’t as crazy as they were quirky. Electric-bike riding, luggage delivery, fondue – it was a little taste of Europe, Race-style.

Teams left Austria and grabbed a train to Lichtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world. Everyone ended up on the same train, then hopped taxis to the border crossing, but unfortunately for Gary and Mallory, they ended up with a clueless cab driver. As they worked to catch up, racers arrived at the Roadblock. One member from each team had to hop an electric bike and ride through Lichtenstein from one end to the other, measuring the distance with an odometer, and reporting that number to the country’s skiing champ, Marco Büchel, at the finish line.

As people started riding, Gary and Mallory arrived in Lichtenstein and were greeted with their Speed Bump. They had to create the gasoline and oil mixture to fuel their electric bike (also known as a Solex) before participating in the Roadblock. They aced it, and Gary soon caught up.

Everyone but Justin seemed to have a little trouble, getting lost, taking wrong turns, losing maps. But after he completed the ride successfully, he passed his answer on to Jen, who in turn told Flight Time, who shared it with Gary. This left Vyxsin, who finished just fine, and Jet, who had the wrong number, and had to ride back to the starting line and attempt the challenge all over again.

Meanwhile, Justin and Zev and Jen and Kisha grabbed a train to their next stop: Zermatt, Switzerland. Gary and Mallory, the Goths and the Globetrotters were on a second train, not far behind. When teams arrived in Switzerland they faced their Detour: Cheese or Wheeze. In Cheese, racers had to eat a pot of cheese fondue, and would receive their clue when they finished. In Wheeze, everyone was tasked with delivering 20 suitcases to at least five different hotels, collecting tags for each.

Justin and Zev and Jen and Kisha headed to Cheese, but the sisters soon realized that they just couldn’t eat all that fondue. The guys stuck it out, though, burping (and barfing) their way through the challenge. Zev was a great cheerleader for Justin, keeping him going through their nearly hour-long meal.

As the next three teams arrived, Jen and Kisha were on their way to delivering their suitcases, navigating the quaint Zermatt streets decked out in bellhop gear. Flight Time and Big Easy loaded up their luggage cart with all 20 suitcases, as Kent and Vyxsin bickered and Gary and Mallory somehow struggled to get a quick start.

Justin and Zev finished their fondue and headed for a secluded fountain in town, where they found their next clue – and a double U-Turn. They chose not to turn anyone, and grabbed an electric cab to the Pit Stop, where they checked in first. The sisters weren’t far behind.

Jet and Cord finally arrived in Zermatt, and hustled to finish up the Wheeze challenge. It kept the other teams on their toes – Gary and Mallory finished up, as did the Goths, only after Vyxsin literally carried Kent through town in their luggage cart. But when Flight Time and Big Easy finished and went to turn in their 20 luggage tags, they realized they’d lost two. As the two teams before them raced to the finish line – without U-Turning anyone – they found themselves in a footrace with the Cowboys, and once they finished the Detour, gave the guys the dreaded U-Turn.

The Cowboys, who at that point realized their race was over, enjoyed their fondue and took their time getting to the finish line. Though they were eliminated, they didn’t seem too terribly upset, and happily, closer than ever.