Teams face a second manure-centric challenge, and Ron's confusion costs him precious hours

By Kate Hogan
Updated April 11, 2011 02:10 PM
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS (2)

Jet and Cord: Just that talented, or just that lucky? Again the cowboys found themselves way behind the pack, but managed an epic catch-up in a semi-easy leg of The Amazing Race on Sunday.

Teams left Kolkata, India, and headed for the country’s holy city of Varanasi. Everyone ended up on the same late-night flight, except Jet and Cord, who found themselves landing an hour later. It wasn’t until they made a connection in New Delhi, India, that they realized they were all alone. But as Vyxsin later said, the brothers are efficient, so even though they were behind, the remaining teams knew they’d be hot on their heels.

Upon arriving in Varanasi, where elephants, pigs, goats and other animals freely roamed the streets, teams faced a Roadblock dealing with the meaning of life. One person had to comb the crowded roads with six photos of Sadus, holy men who’d hand them words that formed a phrase. Once racers had their entire phrase, they arranged the words for a final Sadu and received their next clue.

For the most part, everyone excelled at this task. But poor Ron seemed to get off on the wrong foot, seemingly traveling far from the town’s center while searching for his Sadu. As he struggled – and the cowboys arrived, determined to catch up – teams sped off to the Swaminath Akhara, where a “strongman” was waiting with the next clue.

Here, teams faced the Detour: Feed the Fire or Feed the Buffalo. In Feed the Fire, which ended up being pretty time consuming, racers had to cross the Ganges River to a milk farm, where they’d make 50 fire patties out of … buffalo manure. Then, they’d press the patties to a wall to dry in the sun before starting a fire to heat milk for local children. (Thankfully, gloves were provided!) In Feed the Buffalo, teams also crossed the Ganges, this time to grab hay, then headed back to a spot in town where they delivered the food to a farm.

As the sisters started gagging while creating their fire patties – who could blame them? – the Globetrotters and Justin and Zev breezed through Feed the Buffalo, racing to the Pit Stop at Ramnagar Fort for a first- and second-place finish. Meanwhile, Gary and Mallory joined the sisters at the fire Detour, as the Goths fed the buffalo. Miraculously, the cowboys caught up, as Cord easily aced the Roadblock, and ran off to the buffalo Detour (a snap for them), leaving Christina waiting for her overwhelmed dad.

The Roadblock did finally click with Ron, and he and Christina made a valiant effort to catch up with the remaining teams, working quickly at Fuel the Fire. In fact, when the Goths made their way to the Pit Stop and ended up with a slow water taxi – Vyxsin actually jumped into the Ganges to pull her boat back to shore – it seemed for a moment that the teams were neck-in-neck. But the father-daughter pair, who used this second lap on the race as a time to connect before Christina’s upcoming wedding, was eliminated at the Pit Stop.