By People Staff
Updated November 09, 2009 12:00 AM

The final five teams headed to Scandinavia on Sunday’s Amazing Race and, asked to blow up dynamite, some blew up at each other when they hit the switchback, a task that required players to tackle one of the show’s most brutal roadblocks. Things might have been a little less heated had the teams used the following travel tips. –Carrie Bell

1. Never take the elevator when you have other options: From the Stockholm airport, teams took a train and a ferry to the Tivoli amusement park. Already behind three pairs who got an earlier flight, the father and son rode an elevator to the platform, which caused them to miss a train Mr. and Miss America caught, and it set them back 15 minutes.

2. Watch like a hawk: Once at Tivoli, a team member had to ride the Fritt Fall and spot an arrow showing the way to the next clue. It was only visible for 15 seconds before riders plunged 24 floors in three seconds. Eagle-eyeing the sign seemed easier than stomaching the drop for Cheyne and Sam. The only female to do the task, Ericka, merely let out a trademark “Oh hell no,” before the fall, and Big Easy was disappointed that he was too tall to participate.

3. Befriend your gnome: The arrow pointed them to a ring toss, where the could pick up a Travelocity gnome. Teams were responsible for dragging the icon to the pit stop. In past seasons, players have left the little guy behind and been penalized, but this year no one did. Maybe it was the healthy attachments folks formed with him. The Globetrotters named theirs, Cheyne made out with his and Miss America provided cover for hers during an explosive challenge.

4. Limit lost driving: When the brothers and the All-Americans couldn’t find the quarry that was the site of the dynamite detour, they stopped a local and convinced him to lead the way. Mr. and Miss America paid a cabbie to take them there. Father and son drove in circles, although they did finally make it there while another team was still constructing their sandbag wall and hadn’t yet set off the charge to expose the clue.

5. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all: Meghan was upset with her boyfriend for not listening to her pleas for help during sandbag construction. But when she got to the Bogs Gard Farm, he provided only words of encouragement as his crying partner took on the first-ever switchback, which revisited the horrible hay bale search that a past team did unsuccessfully for10 hours. Dan‘s backseat unrolling left his brother Sam threatening to kill the “moron” as he ripped through many of the 186 bales looking for one of only seven clues. A few hours in, he realized the error of his ways and cried, “I was being such a jerk yelling. I’m not proud of myself today.”

6. Make a wish: At the leg’s start, birthday boy Flight Time expressed what a good gift a first-place finish would be. As Big Easy headed out to the hay field, Flight requested that he go get him a present and he was the first to find a flag despite starting third. He got his wish and a trip to Turks & Caicos. “This is the cake and the icing,” he said. They weren’t the only team who lucked out this leg. Gary was rolling with the punches for an extra three hours before he completed the task and was ready to get sent home when the host happily told them it was a non-elimination round.

Tell us: What did you think of the switchback? Were you happy for the Globetrotters? Who do you think will win?Monty Brinton/CBS