Sonja Flemming/CBS
October 17, 2011 10:10 AM

Leaving the pit stop first does not necessarily give teams an advantage on The Amazing Race.

The first teams to leave – Andy and Tommy and Zac and Laurence – had the advantage of being the first to book flights to Thailand. But the other teams, who left the pit stop later, managed to find flights with earlier departures.

Despite the setback, all eight teams began their detour challenges at the same time. Andy and Tommy were able to use their athletic skills to breeze through the ocean challenge and take the lead once again.

Couples Bill and Cathi, Amani and Marcus and Jeremy and Sandy had a tougher time with the detour and switched tasks halfway through. Twins Liz and Marie struggled to complete their task even after receiving advice from their nearest competition, Bill and Cathi.

Andy and Tommy flew through the roadblock to arrive at the pit stop first but we’re quickly followed by siblings Jennifer and Justin.

The majority of the teams caught up to each other once again at the roadblock, but in the end Liz and Marie were not able to make up their lost time and were the last team to arrive at the pit stop.

But, fortunately for the twins, host Phil Keoghan announced it was a non-elimination leg and the identical blondes survived to race another day.

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