October 06, 2008 12:00 AM

The newest crop of Amazing Racers were cut from ten teams to nine Sunday, after stopping at smaller and more rustic destinations in Brazil — from Fortaleza to Cambuco to Parque de Vaquejada. It wasn’t a happy time for money-hungry duo Anthony and Stephanie, who were eliminated. The dating couple had clammy chemistry, especially under stress, but took solace in the fact that they had more stuff at home than the empty buildings of Brazil. “It makes you appreciate what you have,” Anthony said, as Stephanie complained about their apartment with bad furniture. — Nicholas White

Theirs wasn’t the only lesson to be learned from Sunday’s episode of the Amazing Race. Here are seven others:

1. Nice guys finish second. Computer nerds Bill and Mark, the 40-something gamers from San Diego, proved themselves selfless as they raced toward the finish line with feisty frontrunners Tina and Ken. The game-savvy Mark extended an olive branch by letting the rocky couple take first place — and win a pair of off-road vehicles. “If you guys coming in first will help your marriage, well, then screw the ATVs,” Mark said.

2. Don’t cross Tina. Separated couple Ken and Tina look like early contenders. Her quick temper towards her husband Ken show she means business. After Ken confessed to cheating on Tina, she has him on a perpetual treadmill to win back her trust.

3. Some play dirty. Clad in camo, Nick is a picture of tenacity and won’t hesitate to use and then lose other players. On the wall-reading challenge, Nick tapped Andrew and eager-to-please Sarah for information, but quickly discarded them when the need disappeared. “I don’t mind playing dirty as long as I’m the one that benefits from it,” Nick says.

4. Play for the love of the game. With their sights set on the $1 million prize, Anthony and Stephanie didn’t seem to have their hearts in the race as much as other competitors. “The only thing we need in our life right now is financial stability,” Stephanie said.

5. Be nice to cab drivers. Many teams barked at feckless taxi drivers to go faster and that they are in a hurry. Tina’s “Do you have a cell phone? TELEPHONO?” and Anthony’s suggestion to check the exhaust drew irritated looks from their cabbies. A little por favor goes a long way.

6. There’s no whining in the Amazing Race. Terrence has emerged as the race’s biggest complainer, whether it’s to his girlfriend Sarah to move faster, clean his small head bruise or to soothe his aggravated emotions. Sarah even carries their bags. If Terrence and Sarah — two strong competitors, when she is not crying — go down, it will be because of him.

7. Pay attention to detail. Divorcees Kelly and Christy cannot read directions from a clue card, as twice they lost time by doing the wrong thing.

Tell us: Who is looking like the strongest team? Are you surprised to see Stephanie and Anthony be eliminated so soon?CBS

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