By People Staff
Updated November 17, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Michael Caulfield/WireImage

Sunday’s episode of The Amazing Race was an emotional one, in which the ever-mercurial Terence — along with dutiful girlfriend Sarah — were sent back to the Big Apple. With the front runners gone, the final four remain: Nick and Starr, Dallas and Toni, Dan and Andrew and Ken and Tina. Terence’s decision to go for the Fast Forward cost them the Race while Sarah, the voice of reason, questioned his judgment. Some may say she deserved a better teammate but Terence is the man she loves — hopefully she will be happy without the $1 million prize. Their relationship wasn’t the only show of emotion Sunday. The top team (Nick and Starr) and the second place team (Dallas and Toni) propelled themselves with young love as the burgeoning romance between Dallas and Starr came out in the open. There wasn’t a kiss yet, but it feels close. — Nicholas White

Here’s a rundown of the Race‘s other emotional moments:

The sheep-butt eating challenge: Confronted with a heaping bowl of hot soup made with the fat from a sheep’s backside, two teams (Terence and Sarah, Nick and Starr) were competing for the coveted Fast Forward. Terence, a vegetarian who hadn’t eaten meat for 15 years, took a big zero for his team. He gagged on the marble sheep hunks, which he called “frickin’ meat,” and tried not to vomit as belly dancers circled the tables in what must have been a nightmarish episode for the plant-eater. Meanwhile, Starr and Nick choked their way through two big bowls of the slop.

The foot race for last place: The hapless Dan and Andrew, whose teamwork began to splinter apart with dysfunction, sprinted to the finish line while Terence and Sarah were too far behind for it to matter. The suspenseful music made it interesting, at least. Terence kept telling Sarah that he loved her as they dashed in. It was obvious: he had messed up everything for them.

Dan and Andrew’s arguing: Dan was a problem, antagonizing Andrew for what he saw as a lazy approach to the Race. Dan showed his true colors as though he wanted to steer the team completely in his favor. How selfish. “The Race isn’t about walking anymore!” he chided Andrew at one point. It looks like their casual (and now fractured) strategy puts them at a disadvantage going into next week. Angry music sets their tone, while Andrew’s face looked furious at the finish line.

Dallas and Starr openly flirt: Dallas (wearing a red Billy the Kid bandana) hasn’t had to do much chasing with Starr hanging next to him while her brother Nick sits idly by. Starr’s body language is totally open to Dallas as they flirt and talk during downtime. They even sit together on the plane to Kazakhstan, where a glowing Starr tells Dallas that he should have made more eye contact when they first met. In aw-shucks mode, Dallas said he’d use part of the $1 million grand prize money to buy Starr dinner. Stay tuned for romance.

Walking through the open-air market as a cow: Besides the obvious jokes about being a cow’s read end, it was an odd and funny sight to see the contestants, dressed as cows, wade through the Kazakh crowds. Dallas, as he does with usual single-minded clarity, made the most out of playing the cow, dancing around as though he were playing a part in a Broadway musical. A-plus for effort.

The future of Terence and Sarah: As the rocky couple heads back to New York City, what will become of them? They have both professed endless love for each other but it looks like they might not last. “I hope wherever life takes me, Sarah is part of my life,” Terence says. Sarah, meanwhile, looks devastated as her $1 million has disappeared with Terence’s vegetarian diet. Michael Caulfield/WireImage