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Updated March 16, 2009 12:00 AM

The remaining seven teams were eager to get out of the cold, but producers had another full leg of activities planned in Russia. So the shivering and mispronunciation continued.

Riding the Rails: Teams were directed to take the trans-Siberian railroad across 400 miles of frozen tundra to Novosibirsk. The flight attendants were first out of the gate but waited for the sisters and found the train station together. Their lead evaporated as the first train departed late that evening, giving all teams plenty of time to book.Queen of quotes Mike quasi-confronted Luke and Margie about their u-turn usage: “They have to create a whole new archetype – sinister deaf kid.” He also quoted a passage from the Bible about the first becoming the last and vice versa, which would turn out to be foreshadowing. Car-pe Diem: The cheerleaders got the first taxi but remembered what Margie and Luke had done for them on the last leg and slowed down to caravan to Punkt Tehnicheskogo Osmotra. They never bothered to explain what it was other than where the clue box and fleet of four-speed manual cars were. (Lemons + icy roads + automatic-friendly Americans = good TV.) They arrived just before the legal team and all three decided to drive to the detour together. When they stopped at a gas station to ask directions, Victor got his own directions from a cabbie and took off before the cheerleaders could get back in their car. Margie followed but when he stopped for directions again, he ditched her a second time causing some major distrust. Cara said, “When they see an opportunity, they take it.”

Plow Down: The first detour choice was to drive to a downtown stadium and once there, each member has to take a turn operating the cumbersome snowplow around a training course. Four teams chose this task, the hardest part of which seemed to be finding the stadium and controlling the car in traffic, and the legal team completed it first.

Three teams picked the other option where they had to find a giant, depressing Soviet-era apartment complex and one of the Russian brides hidden within, drive her to a church where her groom was waiting and take a photo with the happy couple. Mike and Mel, who carted around the bride, explained they choose the task that seems more fun. “I’d rather party with virgin brides than snowplows,” Mike joked.

Lacking Direction: The flight attendants had navigation problems throughout the day and stopping for help rarely, well, helped. One group of locals reeked of vodka and grabbed Christie’s butt. They asked another local to drive to the church so they could follow and he showed them to the wrong house of worship.

Cool Runnings: After making their way to the largest library in Siberia (with what has got to be the longest library name; it wouldn’t fit onscreen), one member had to run 1.4 miles in undies only. (A look that Phil so kindly demonstrated for devoted Philphiles!) The finish line, where their partner was waiting for them, was the Novosibirsk Theater and the pit stop. Luke completed the almost-nude marathon first and won him and mom a trip to St. Lucia. Cara walked a lot, which allowed Tammy to pass her and the legal team to finish second. The stuntmen got lost (again!); this time inside the theater looking for Phil who eventually had to whistle to get their attention (which seemed like illegal help).

Polar Bare Club: The sisters were having a hell of a time with the stick shift, but managed to beat the stewardesses to the roadblock. Jen announced she had to put panties on before she could strip down to them because she prefers to go commando. Christie was competing in a thong and worried what dad would think about her “bare minimum” (watch the clip). They went from first to last place, and Jodi slammed her finger in the door. Lucky for them, it was a non-elimination round. Unlucky for them, they will have to complete a penalty speed bump in the next round. –Carrie Bell

Craig Sjodin/ABC