Amazing Race Recap: A Hairy Situation

From bird bites to b—h fights, the competition turned nasty as the final five teams flew more than 1,000 miles from Bangkok to Guilin, China.

Street Fighter: Although Margie and Luke had a significant lead at the start, a flight delay in the People’s Republic allowed the fourth-place sisters to move into first. They quickly lost the lead unable to find a hair salon on Qing Xiu Lu street. The legal team had an advantage on this leg as they spoke Chinese and Tammy had visited Guilin. When the cheerleaders still beat them to the beauty parlor, Tammy joked that knowing the language only meant they could understand when the driver told them he was lost.

The sisters and Margie and Luke arrived at the site simultaneously and both overlooked the clue box. They simultaneously saw it and ran for it. Jen appeared to grab over Luke and he brushed her off with his long flaying arm, which she perceived as body checking and called him a bitch. Both teams spent the taxi ride to the No. 24 Bridge calling each other names and proclaiming that it was “on and time to get dirty.” It really did not seem like an intentional “bitch move,” but their tempers flared and there was more unsportsmanlike conduct at the next stop. For the Birds: Teams boated out to the middle of the river where one player transferred to a raft and had to get their cormorant to fetch 10 fish. Tammy was the first person to start the task, but her fowl fought and lost interest causing her to finish fishing last. One of them took a big nip at Luke’s hand and drew blood, which elicited laughs and karma comments from the sisters, who completed the challenge first.

A Wash: Meanwhile the penalty-prone stuntmen arrived at the speed bump, which required them to wash and dry two women’s hair. (They didn’t even have to travel anywhere off the remaining teams’ path to complete it.) In typical stuntmen style, they scrubbed skulls with fervor and smiles on their faces.

Dance-Off: The cheerleaders made their way to the Ancient South Gate. Cara toned down the yelling, but remained condescending to their cabbies. At the detour, they chose the choreography option(natch!). They had to make their way to the park’s central island, learn a dance routine from the locals and then perform it to the judges’ standards. They assumed they’d be quick studies and thought they were doing superb.They weren’t that graceful or gracious (Cara told her partner to just “walk over them” when they clearly were the ones bumping into ). After the second failed attempt, Cara got a little nasty with the judges because they couldn’t speak English. They decided to change tasks but then turned things around.

Write Off: The sisters, the legal team and Luke and Margie were neck in neck throughout the calligraphy detour. Teams had to travel to four stations and copy a series of Chinese characters, which spelled the name of the next vendor. Everyone followed the legal team closely as they could ask passersby where the carts were. Their lingual skills warmed up the professionals. However, the sisters won the foot race to Phil’s mat at Banyon Lake and a trip to Barbados.

Pit-Stop Pandemonium: In the peaceful shadow of the sun and moon pagodas, Phil tried to get a little Dr. Phil by saying he felt the competition appeared to be getting more tense. Victor agreed but said it was “good-spirited fun competition.” The sisters disagreed and proceeded to recount their side of the story while Luke got redder and angrier before walking off and signing the B word. Phil asked him to come back and sign his side of the story. The sisters giggled (which came off as childish button pushing). Then Margie’s turn to go off about how her deaf son has always had to deal with hearing making fun of him and assuming he was stupid. Phil tried to intervene, and eventually the girls apologized without admitting fault. The poor legal team was stuck literally in the middle of the volatile situation. The cheerleaders and the stuntmen missed the altercation entirely, and as suspected the stuntmen were unable to make a comeback and were sent packing. — Carrie Bell

Tell us: Whose side are you on? Was there really something to fight about or was it all blown out of proportion?

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