Survivor winners Ethan and Jenna and partners Ron and Bill are sent home

By Patrick Gomez
October 03, 2011 09:00 AM

For the first time in 19 seasons, two teams were sent home on The Amazing Race Sunday.

After grandparents Bill and Cathi were saved from elimination on the season premiere last week, two teams were left vulnerable as all 11 teams raced from Taipei, Taiwan, to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Engaged couple Ernie and Cindy left the pit stop first but their advantage disappeared when they learned that the next flight Indonesia wasn’t until the next morning.

In Indonesia, Bill and Cathi arrived at the roadblock first but because they were spared the week before, they had to untangle a large knot before spelunking down a cave with the rest of the teams. Still, they maintained their lead.

Ernie and Cindy once again took the lead after the detour and headed to a local orphanage where they supposed to hand over all the money in their possession. But after misreading the clue and leaving only the money earned during the detour, they were forced to return to the orphanage to complete the task correctly.

Luckily for the engaged couple, most of the teams made the same mistake. While Olympic snowboarders Andy and Tommy arrived at the pit stop in first place, the Ernie and Cindy still placed fourth.

In the end, Survivor winners Ethan and Jenna and partners Ron and Bill were the final two teams to arrive to the pit stop, and both were eliminated from The Amazing Race.