'Amazing Race' 's Joslyn Davis and Erin Robinson Blog About 'Full-Blown Sprint to Mexico City' in Premiere

The social media personalities share the wildest moments from the premiere

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Social media influencers Joslyn Davis and Erin Robinson are competing in season 28 of The Amazing Race and blogging about all the action – and what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling – exclusively for PEOPLE. Follow the Clevver hosts on Twitter at @JoslynDavis and @HeyErinRobinson!

Joslyn’s Take:

HOLY OMG Erin and I are really on The Amazing Race. This is really happening. What is my life? Those were my initial thoughts after watching episode one of The Amazing Race season 28. I’ll happily admit that I’m openly biased because I think this cast is exceptional in every way possible, but putting all of that aside, as someone who’s also watched almost every single season of the race, I think this first episode is easily the most laugh-out-loud funny episode I’ve ever seen!

Right out of the gate, this season is breaking new ground because it’s packed with so many “firsts” that hardcore fans of the show are going to be blown away by. The first time the entire cast started racing from their homes all throughout the country. The first time any portion of the show has been live. And, most importantly, the first time EVER in TV history, a show has featured a fully digital influencer cast – cast that is packed with people who also happen to be diehard fans of The Amazing Race!

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From the moment we got the clue from Phil Keoghan at Erin’s house, it was a full-blown sprint to Mexico City’s Monumento a la Revolucién. People were falling, bodies were flying, and I’m pretty sure that within the first five seconds I hit Erin in the face; pretty basic race stuff. It was total and complete mayhem at that first clue box as we chose our first Detour. Selecting the Mariachi option was pretty much a no-brainer because it sounded so cool. And guess what? It was. After running two miles through Mexico City, we arrived in Plaza Giribaldi to what was truly an out-of-body experience you could only have on the Amazing Race.

When else is a person engulfed in a circle formation of 300 playing mariachis? Never. Erin and I were so up in these beautiful people’s personal space, I swear I think I made out with one of them! #NoRegrets

After quickly finding our mariachi we hopped in a cab to head out to the pyramids where we realized we were at the top of the pack in 3rd place! In that first leg you’re really just trying to figure out what the heck is going on, how the race works, and asking yourself (if you’re me) why you packed so much and quickly you can throw stuff away. After slumberpartyingitup outside on a patio with the all the racers, we got up at the crack of dawn for the infamous cave challenge! It was so wild to finally see what went down in those caves because I couldn’t see Erin’s road block. I was just up on flat land having a personal dance party with myself. I’m so proud of her and the fact that she never gave up! And also, I cannot believe we survived the most sketchy cab ride of all time trying to get the pit stop.That cab ride almost cost us the whole race. The driver literally pulled over the freeway. WHO DOES THAT? Regardless, running to that mat, seeing Phil and having him tell us we were still in it was the best moment ever and I can’t wait to see the next episode!

Erin’s Take:

Nothing in the world could have prepared us for leg one on season 28 of The Amazing Race. Trust me.

Joslyn and I jumped off of bridges in costumes, took tight rope walking classes, and learned how to shoot a bow and arrow better than Katniss in the HANGRY Games, and it still wasn’t enough. As soon as we arrived in Mexico, our preparation went out the window and adrenaline took over!

Joslyn and I jumped into the first cab that we could find. ” Rapido!” is the only word I know in Spanish, and I must have nailed it (along with Joslyn speaking fluent Spanish) because we went from zero to 90 MPH in matter of seconds. Our cab driver revealed to us that he too was in a race, competing with all of the other racers’ cabs to get us to the Monumento a la Revolucién first. By the end, our word of choice was ” Cuidado!” We were third to the clue box, and all I could think about was how this was crazier than all of the 5 a.m. Black Friday sales I’ve ever been to, combined…and I got punched over a television once.

Joslyn and I chose the Mariachi Madness Detour. Luckily, some helpful Clevver fans gave us directions along the way. Little did we know, we were signing up for a two-and-a-half mile sprint! After sitting on a plane for hours, my legs did not want to cooperate! Thankfully, though, this detour made every HEAVY step worth it. There was something truly magical about 300 mariachi men and women giving you the live performance of a lifetime at 1 a.m., but we should have rethought the 25-lbs. backpacks.

Day 2, 7:30 a.m.: After a freezing, FORTY FIVE minute “sleep” we’re back to the race! I volunteered as tribute to “pick up the pieces” and, before I knew it, I was going underground into dark caves where we had to dig for puzzle pieces. I’m claustrophobic. I’m terrified. I’m sweating. And I may or may not have comforted myself with the idea that maybe I’d find Batman in there. Things took a turn for the worst. I was missing a puzzle piece to my white mask and other racers told me that the blue mask wouldn’t get approved.

Lesson 1 learned: Don’t listen to other racers. After searching for my missing white piece for entirely too long, Sheri [LaBrant] and I gave it one last shot, and I decided to try the blue set. And hallelujah it was freaking approved!

I’m convinced our cab driver to the pit stop was loco. At one point on the freeway he actually pulled over off the side of the road to let cars PASS him. Joslyn and I knew that this could put us behind other teams that we had passed, and it did. Sheri and Cole [LaBrant] actually beat us there! Thank God we didn’t take that penalty!

Leg one is the hardest leg to get through. You really need it to emotionally and physically get your bearings in this strange “Amazing Race” bubble you exist in. Luckily for Joslyn and I, we experienced both highs and lows in episode one and I conquered one of my biggest fears, which means we’re warmed up and more than ready to take on our next challenge! Batman would be proud!

The Amazing Race airs Fridays (8 p.m. ET) on CBS.

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