'Amazing Race' Goths on Their Mistakes, Makeup

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

After coming in last place at the previous pit stop, dating Goths Kynt and Vyxsin caught a lucky break when they were told it would be a non-elimination round. Even with a penalization known as a “Speed Bump” hanging over them, the colorful couple appeared to have a fighting chance going into the next leg of the race. But in Kabutar Khana, with only a slight lead and an opportunity to U-turn and send another team back to perform an additional task, the Goths mistakenly chose race leaders Donald and Nicholas in a move that inevitably cost the Kentucky natives the Amazing Race.

PEOPLE caught up with this dynamic duo and asked what exactly happened at that U-turn and how did they maintain that sleek Goth look throughout the race:

What are your thoughts about how you played the U-turn?Vyxsin: We wish we would have U-turned a different team. Kynt: While we were watching it, I kept thinking, ‘Maybe Kynt is going to make the right decision, maybe he’s going to do it well. Come on, come on, come on! Oh, he’s an idiot. Oh, he’s me.” It seems really obvious when you’re watching it as a viewer, because you get this omnipotent, god-like view of all the teams — exactly where everybody is and what they’re all doing — but when you’re living it, it’s a completely different thing.

How did your makeup hold up during the race? And how frequently did you get to reapply it? Vyxsin: We had to touch up you know when we could. Obviously, we didn’t want to stop in the middle of running to touch up mascara. But, especially when we were like en-route to places, we tried to like powder and redraw eyebrows, and lip gloss. We tried our best to keep our look together because when we look sharp and put together, it helps our morale. When we have our game faces on, it helps our performance.

What are your favorite observations of the remaining teams?Kynt: They all earned their spot. They beat us fair and square, so they’re all deserved of their positions and we wish them the best of luck. It’s going to be intense. It’s going to be difficult.

Where in the world gave you the most friendly reception and where did you feel out of place at any moment?Kynt: Honestly, we never really felt that out of place. Again, our Goth esthetic comes into play. It made very curious about us. We never had trouble getting directions or information or help, because always wondered like, ‘Who is that girl with pink hair? Who’s that pretty boy in makeup?’ It aroused their curiosity and although we do look different, we’re not intimidating. We give out a friendly vibe. We’re very social. We love conversation with complete strangers.

Has this deepened your relationship or are you content to be friends now?Vyxsin: The experience of the Amazing Race has absolutely done nothing but brought us closer to each other. Overall, we were so good with each other, so positive and so supportive — really there for each other, really encouraging the whole way. And I felt very supported and felt like I had the best teammate for me that I could ever hope having. And had I had to do it over again, I would never choose anyone else other than Kynt. Kynt: We went into this with the mentality that win, lose or draw, we were going to savor this experience and really take it in and enjoy it — and we did! Vyxsin: We have these memories to last a lifetime. We saw these sides of each other that we’ve never seen. I saw Kynt do things that I never imagined that I would see him do. Kynt: I learned how tough Vyxsin is. I mean the girl she’s like a real-life cartoon character, a pink-haired Lara Kroft! –Jed Dreben

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

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