'Amazing Race' : Germany Is Last Stop for Steve & Linda

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

Achtung Baby: Teams flew to Munich, Germany, and drove to Ruhpolding. Most duos — except apparently leaders Margie and Luke and the stunt brothers — have learned to borrow the cab driver’s phones to make flight reservations. While mother and son grabbed the last two seats on the early flight, the misstep dropped the brothers from third to ninth place and landed them on the second plane along with the flight attendants. Once they’d arrived in the picturesque Bavarian mountain town, teams took take a cable car to the top of a peak.

Easy Glider: On the Race, you don’t go up a mountain just for the view. One member had to tandem paraglide from the summit while other rode the gondola back and waited. If wind conditions wouldn’t allow jumping, the player could hike down an hour-long marked path. Tammy got there first and harnessed up just as the weather turned bad, so she started down on foot and the other contestants took the pedestrian route.

This Is Groin to Be a Problem: Mel fretted because the hike was not an option for him thanks to last week’s crotch injury. He tried to convince other teams to wait out the wind but ended up alone. He beat himself up, but stopped short of asking the Almighty to intervene because “God has enough to do.” But then, the breeze died down, the jump was a go and his was the fifth team finished.

Land of the Lost: Linda took a wrong turn down the mountain and emerged on the highway far from her waiting partner Steve. She started to cry and worry that her hubby was going to hate her but he was supportive and calm after she hitched back.

Pies the Limit: Next, pairs drove 25 miles to Austria’s Schonau aum Konoigssee where they had to either chuck cakes at each other in a beer garden until they found a cherry-filled one or riding a Segway through a two-mile obstacle course. Tammy and Victor arrived first and lucked out, seeing red after tossing less than 10 desserts. Mike and Mel claimed to be Segway pros so they went with the movers as did the stunt brothers and the sisters.

The next step was to search the town to find a vintage woodcutter machine and the next clue would be stamped on a woodchip. Amanda was excited to run the machine as it was “the first task I’ve gotten to done.” The flight attendants couldn’t find the woodcutter and after getting a translation, they picked up a random 2×4 in a stable and delivered it to the Segway course finish line.

Sibling Success: Still covered in cake, Tammy and Victor were the first to find Phil and won hybrid go-carts. Mike and Mel made up serious time and landed in the second spot. Amanda and Chris and Luke and his mom came in third and fourth respectively. The other sibling teams are still in although Kisha and Jen seem like they’re starting to unravel. They got lost every time they got in a car and Jen commented, “I can’t listen to her without it being annoying.”

Lucky for the blondes, Linda and Steve were slightly more clueless and were the last team to check-in. This time, Steve joined his wife in the waterworks display and both made declarations of love. She said, “You can have a billion dollars and not be happy. Having him makes me happy.” — Carrie Bell

Tell us: Will the snapping siblings all fizzle out thanks to in-fighting? What are Luke’s chances with a cheerleader?Robert Voets/CBS

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