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May 08, 2011 08:30 AM

They came. They raced. They’re exhausted.

After racing around the world, the cast of the Amazing Race: Unfinished Business took a moment to relax at the Amazing Race 10-year anniversary bash in Miami on Saturday.

Sitting poolside at the Loews Hotel, the final four teams laughed and chatted with PEOPLE about their Race experience – though all were careful not to give away Sunday’s results.

Zev Glassenberg and Justin Kanew

After being disqualified during their previous season for losing their passports, the best friends tell PEOPLE they’re just happy to have made the final episode. “The whole experience has been great,” says Kanew, 31. “Just the whole adventure. We’ve gotten to do a lot of things that people just don’t get a chance to do.”

And the one creepy side? “People think they know us, which can be weird,” says Glassenberg, 28. “They don’t know us; they know what they’ve seen about us on TV.”

Glassenberg, who has Asperger’s syndrome, has gotten positive feedback from the Autism community. “They’ve been really supportive,” he says, “That feels really, really good.”

LaKisha Hoffman and Jen Hoffman

In season 14, the sisters were eliminated after Jen made a pit stop at a restroom. (She had drunk too much water.) This season, the sisters have played a nearly flawless game, and they think their sisterly bond is the secret to their success.

“This was the hardest race ever,” says LaKisha, 30. “They knew we were all-stars, so they made it tough from the start. But we tried to keep our cool and just focus; we tried to work together, not fight.”

“Yeah, I cussed [host] Phil [Koeghan] out a couple of times,” laughs Jen, 26. “But we came to have fun, and we really did.”

Despite their fun, the Hoffman sisters aren’t going to sign up for a third season. “We’re tired. We’re so tired,” says Jen. “I think it’s time to just be normal.”

Herb "Flight Time" Lang and Nate "Big Easy" Lofton

Even the Harlem Globetrotter teammates – people who run around for a living – tell PEOPLE that they had to bring their A-game to the race. “What people don’t understand is that the race is non-stop,” says Flight Time, 34. “It doesn’t let up for four weeks. We had high points and low points just like all teams.”

“We loved doing the show both seasons,” says Big Easy, 29. “Even at its low points, it was just an experience that we were really lucky to have. We were fans of the show; we weren’t recruited. We applied. So we were happy to be chosen twice.”

Most importantly, which country has the best-looking women? “Brazil, definitely,” says Flight Time, without hesitation. “There’s no doubt.”

“I’ve been to 65 countries,” says Big Easy. “It’s impossible to choose.”

Gary Ervin and Mallory Ervin

The bubbly beauty queen and her easygoing dad didn’t think twice about competing in the race for a second time. “I got the call,” says Mallory, 25, “and I went to see my dad, and asked, ‘What is the best thing that could possibly happen to us?’ And he said, ‘The Amazing Race called and wants us to do an all-star season!’ ”

How was the race a second time around? “It was really hard,” says Gary, 53. “And there were times that we got a little testy with each other. But it has been wonderful to do something like this with my daughter.”

“Of course I want to win,” says Mallory, “but I really feel like we won already, to be able to do the race twice.”

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