After Zev and Justin are eliminated, three teams face off in a kitschy race to the finish line

By Kate Hogan
Updated May 09, 2011 01:30 PM
Credit: Robert Voets/Getty

It all came down to a mobile home. After countless physically and mentally taxing challenges, the final three teams got caught up trying to recreate the perfect south Florida mobile home. And though windy weather and a tough judge kept everyone from moving forward quickly, the entire two-hour race to the finish line was full of quirky tasks and not-so-lucky breaks.

The four remaining teams left Switzerland and arrived in sunny Rio de Janeiro. Once there, they grabbed cabs and hitched a tram to the historic Escadaria Selarén steps. The Globetrotters, stuck with a slow cabbie, missed the first tram, and had to wait 30 minutes for the next ride, as the rest of the teams sped ahead. After finding tiles imprinted with a clue, everyone ran for the next Roadblock: a Carnival-themed samba challenge!

One member of each team bared almost all in a traditional costume, and learned a quick dance before leading a festive samba troupe through the streets. Unfortunately for Zev and Justin, it was Zev’s turn to tackle a Roadblock, and he proved to be a bit rhythmically challenged, struggling with the dance steps. While he continued to learn, Mallory and Kisha sped through – and the Globetrotters caught up.

As the boys battled it out in the Roadblock, Gary and Mallory faced their next task: a grueling 15-minute Brazilian body wax. Estheticians took off everything – armpit fuzz, leg hair, arm hair and more. As other teams filtered in, they faced varying degrees of pain – especially Justin and Zev, who happened to have a lot of chest hair. Ouch!

Teams continued on to the Detour, On the Rocks or On the Beach, with Gary and Mallory in the lead, followed by the sisters, Globetrotters, and distantly, Justin and Zev. In On the Rocks, which the first three teams chose, racers learned how to make a caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil, then shook up 100 of the cool drinks.

Meanwhile, Justin and Zev opted for On the Beach, which required them to sell enough bikinis to beach-goers to raise 100 Brazilian Real (about $60). Once they realized that people didn’t want to buy, they headed to the drink-mixing challenge.

Gary and Mallory wrapped up first, and found themselves at the Pit Stop beneath the Museum of Contemporary Art. Jen and Kisha (pictured) finished second, followed by the Globetrotters. Sadly for Justin and Zev, who just struggled with every challenge in Brazil, were eliminated from the competition.

The Final Leg

After recharging, the final three teams jetted off to Miami and raced toward the Marine Stadium Marina. Gary and Mallory wound up with some seriously bad luck, though, first not finding a cab, then landing a cabbie who had no clue where he was going.

As the father-daughter pair grew frustrated, Kisha and Flight Time excelled at the next Roadblock, which required using a forklift to load and unload a boat at Marine Stadium Marina. Both teams finished before Gary and Mallory even arrived, and headed for their next stop, Jules’ Undersea Lodge on Key Largo.

The scene at the spot was definitely unique. Underwater, a jazz band played and mermaids swam as one member of each team rode a “personal submarine” in search of a treasure box containing a clue. Big Easy finished first, followed closely by Jen, and the teams headed for their next spot: mile marker 29 at Big Pine Key. Gary and Mallory arrived at the Lodge soon after, but unfortunately, the Roadblock took the pint-sized beauty queen a while to complete.

At Big Pine Key, which the sisters arrived to first, teams waded through a shallow portion of the ocean to Horseshoe Island, where they grabbed their next clue. Everyone then hopped aboard speedboats and eventually arrived at the Galway Bay Mobile Home Park, a senior living community, where they had to set up a “Trailerhood” just like one pictured in the Park’s brochure.

After picking a trailer and pulling it to its lot, teams hooked up the home’s utilities and set out fun and funky decorations: fake grass, a little white picket fence, Christmas lights, pink flamingos and more. But just as the sisters and Globetrotters were finishing their set-ups, a strong wind came through, knocking over scenery and giving Gary and Mallory a chance to swoop in and catch up.

As teams wrapped up, everyone seemed to be missing details, which the challenge judge noticed – a table wasn’t set just right, a bottle of ketchup was missing. But soon the sisters finished, followed by the Globetrotters, and it was a race to the finish line. A three-wheeled bike race, that is, across the famed Seven Mile Bridge.

Being the athletes they are, the Globetrotters tried really hard to catch up, but Jen and Kisha were too far gone. So as they slowed down and enjoyed the scenery, the sisters won the race, with the basketballers and Gary and Mallory gracefully finishing behind. The sisters, overwhelmed with their victory, said they’d be putting their prize money – one million dollars! – toward their mother’s new small business.