"One of our strengths is that we pretty much have been through everything together," Ethan Zohn says

By Patrick Gomez
Updated October 04, 2011 12:15 PM
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Both Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca have won the title of sole Survivor, but another $1 million prize eluded the couple when they were eliminated Sunday from The Amazing Race.

Zohn and Morasca, who have been dating for eight years, decided to attempt the challenge of racing around the world after Zohn successfully battled cancer. But after misinterpreting a clue on the second leg of the race, the couple were eliminated in the show’s first-ever double elimination.

Now in Los Angeles filming their new show Everyday Health, Zohn and Morasca spoke with PEOPLE about traveling around the world together and explained the costly blunder that caused their demise.

Before the Race you both mentioned that having won Survivor could work against you. Did it?
Jenna: I thought it would more than Ethan did because I tend to be more evil when it comes to planning game stuff like that. I though, “They’re going to use it against us.” But it wasn’t as big of a deal as I made it out to seem. It’s not like Survivor.
Ethan: When you’re racing, you’re just with your partner against the elements. It’s not like teams can gang up on you and create an alliance and force you out in any way. Everyone is doing their own thing.

Did you get to relax and enjoy the long trips?
Jenna: No resting. You’re so paranoid and amped up that all you do is stress and bother everyone on the plane. Ethan was asking people on the plane for directions or maps. A flight attendant wrote us this map this one time. I don’t think I slept the entire time I was out there.
Ethan: It kind of looks like everything is just around the corner from each other but there is so much travel involved.

Your final clue said "you MUST give all the money in your possession to help the orphans" but you didn’t. What happened?
Jenna: We turned in all of our converted money, but in our additional clue it said nothing about American money, it only said “rupiah.”
Ethan: We actually thought that we got it right – we turned in all our rupiah [in addition to the money we earned at the detour]. We thought that other people might not have done that. It was tricky. It was just a white piece of paper on a table.
Jenna: If we were walking down the street and there was a billboard that said, “Give me your money,” were we supposed to give them our money too? Normally if you do something wrong – like if you say the wrong words to the Buddhist monk – you wouldn’t get a clue. So when they gave us the clue, there was no reason to figure we did anything wrong.

What did you learn about yourselves on the Race?
Ethan: One of our strengths is that we pretty much have been through everything together as a couple – through tragedy and my whole cancer thing. I think we know a lot about each other. We travel together a lot. We remained completely positive and upbeat the entire time in the best and worst of circumstances. It’s nice to see how positive we could stay.
Jenna: When one door closes another opens. We just feel really lucky and blessed that things are going really well.