Amanda Stanton Tearfully Reveals Hacker Stole and Shared Topless Photos of Her: 'I Feel Violated'

The Bachelor alum got emotional in a video on her Instagram Stories where she revealed why she's been feeling extremely anxious and stressed lately

Amanda Stanton
Photo: Amanda Stanton/Instagram

Amanda Stanton has been left heartbroken and hurt after a man stole private photographs of her.

Stanton, 28, explained on Instagram Tuesday, that she has been struggling lately after learning that a hacker had obtained topless photos of her from a previous breast augmentation procedure and was sending them to people she knows.

In a series of emotional Instagram Stories, the former Bachelor contestant revealed that she had been suffering from extreme anxiety and stress as a result of the pre-op photos and was speaking out in order to “be more real” with her followers, as well as make the hacker stop circulating the images.

Stanton first touched upon her “rough week” in a post on Instagram. Although she didn’t get into the reasons for her struggles, the reality star acknowledged that the matter was out of her control, yet was causing her to lose sleep and motivation.

“The past week has been rough for me. I won’t get into detail but my anxiety is out of control and I’ve been extremely stressed over some things that are completely out of my control,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself posing in a white dress.

Amanda Stanton
Amanda Stanton. Amanda Stanton/Instagram

“Losing sleep, having no motivation and just haven’t been myself because of it,” she continued. “As much as I know I shouldn’t stress over things that I can’t control, it seems impossible.”

“Praying that I find peace this week and if anyone else is going through something similar, I’m praying for you too🙏🏼❤️” Stanton added. “I know I don’t normally post this kind of stuff but I’m going to be more real with you guys, even if it’s a little scary.”

Shortly after that post, Stanton opened up on her Instagram Stories and struggled to hold back tears as she got into detail about the scary situation.

“About three weeks ago, when we first moved into our new place, I woke up randomly in the middle of the night and looked at my email,” she began. “I had about four emails from a random person who I didn’t know who had said that he hacked into my doctor’s database from when I had my breast augmentation.”

“He had some nude photos of me in the doctor’s office, which is just stupid because they’re medical photos,” she continued of her procedure from February 2018. “But he was basically asking for a lot of money and threatening to send the photos to everybody who I follow.”

Amanda Stanton
Amanda Stanton/Instagram

Stanton went on to explain that the man told her unfollowing everyone on her list wouldn’t make a difference because “he already had it documented and knew who I followed.”

The star said he proceeded to send the photos to people, including her friend’s boyfriend, her co-workers, and producers at ABC, while continuing to “send me really weird messages and harassing me every single day.”

Stanton, who says she has notified the police about the hacker, even noted that many of her followers and friends had already contacted her via text message and DMs, letting her know that they’ve received the photos.

“I’m sorry I haven’t responded to everybody, it’s just been hard explaining this story so many times,” she said, overcome with emotion.

Lauren Bushnell and Amanda Stanton attend the SodaStream Taste Test event for National Hydration Day
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Though Stanton noted it was “out of my control” and there’s “nothing I can do about it,” she said she was addressing the incident because “I just don’t want to give somebody that power over me. I hope that by me addressing it, he’ll just stop.”

The mom of two also requested that if her followers received the photos, that they “be respectful and understand it’s been really hard for me and just keep them private.”

After collecting herself and her emotions, Stanton explained in another video that she wasn’t upset about the leaked photos, but rather felt “frustrated” and exhausted from the emotionally-taxing experience.

“It’s not that big of a deal — it’s something I didn’t want out there — but it’s not the end of the world if people see my boobs,” she said. “I’m so frustrated, I feel very violated. I’ve also been harassed every single day.”

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Amanda Stanton/Instagram

“I don’t know what other information this person has. It’s been exhausting,” Stanton continued. “I know there are bigger issues and it’ll be okay, it’s just been stressful but I’m hoping that by coming out and telling you guys about it, that it will make me feel a little bit better.”

A representative for Stanton did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Stanton, who starred on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor as well as Bachelor in Paradise, revealed last February that she made the decision to enhance her breasts. A few months later, the star opened up about the procedure and exactly why she decided to go under the knife.

In a post on her website in May, Stanton explained that after giving birth to her two daughters, Kinsley and Charlie, she started to contemplate the idea of getting her breasts enhanced.

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“To be honest, I don’t know a single mom who has breastfed in my world who didn’t *contemplate* the idea of getting a boob job or a lift of some sort. Before I was pregnant, I had full Bs. Once I had Kins & Char and breastfed them both for a year, they were basically… gone,” Stanton shared.

“This was not a hasty decision,” she explained. “Truthfully, I didn’t overdo it with the size, so everything still fits. If anything, my clothes fit me a little better than they did before.”

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