Amanda Stanton Says 'It Was Pretty Crappy' Running Into Ex Bobby Jacobs When 'He Was on a Date'

Amanda Stanton and Bobby Jacobs split in April, one year after making their relationship Instagram official

Bachelor Nation’s Amanda Stanton had an unexpected run-in with her ex-boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs, for the first time since their split.

On her Instagram story on Monday, Stanton, 29, admitted that she was “shaking” at the Orange County Fair over the weekend when she saw Bobby, 33, for the first time since they had broken up in April.

“Haha [to be honest], it was pretty crappy. I always imagined running into an ex looking super hot and playing it cool…but that’s def not how it went down,” she wrote alongside two emojis: a laughing crying face and a monkey covering its eyes.

“We never even broke up in person and I hadn’t seen him since! I turned the corner at the fair and there he was. Kins ran up to him and I had no choice but to say hi. But I was shaking & def had no chill….& he was on a date,” she said, noting her daughter Kinsley. (She is also mom to daughter Charlie.)

“And I looked fine…but not ‘you’re about to see your ex with another girl’ fine,” wrote Stanton.

Despite the surprise encounter, Stanton said she’s “laughing about it now.”

Amanda Stantonn
Amanda Stantonn/Instagram

Although not confirmed, fans are speculating that the woman Bobby was on a date with when he ran into Stanton was Southern Charm star Ashley Jacobs, who he has recently been linked to.

Over the weekend, Ashley shared a smiling photo of Bobby to her Instagram Story with a heart filter over it, according to Bravo TV. She also shared a photo of Bobby with stuffed animals won at a fair, E! News reports.

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PEOPLE is out to Ashley’s rep for comment.

Almost one year after making their relationship Instagram official, Stanton and Bobby confirmed their split in April.

“I love them too and that’s why I’ll still be apart of there lives no matter what,” Bobby wrote on an image of himself holding one of Stanton’s daughters, noting that he will remain in the lives of her children. “Talked to them both on the phone last night and we’re taking them to Disneyland for Kinsley’s Bday.”


He also denied that their separation was a result of Stanton being hacked. (That week, Stanton tearfully revealed that a hacker had obtained topless photos of her from a previous breast augmentation procedure and was sending them to people she knows.)

Several days later, Stanton shared a series of videos on her Instagram story where she addressed the breakup for the first time.

“First of all, I want to let you all know that I am totally fine,” she began. “I already told you guys about the hacker situation, but also I just wanted to confirm since it’s already been confirmed, but now you’re hearing it from me, that yes, Bobby and I broke up.”

“It’s super fresh and aside from that, I was completely blindsided and it just happened very suddenly,” she said. “You guys know we just got a place together.”

“We had talked about things like getting engaged … I thought we were going to get engaged by the end of the year,” she continued. “When we got a place together, to me, that was as serious as an engagement and he knew that. So I was very surprised.”

“And it wasn’t like we were fighting — I think there’s a lot of speculation about our relationship because of events that happened in the past,” she continued, referencing a Sep. 10 incident in which she was arrested on one count of battery domestic violence after an altercation with Bobby in a Las Vegas hotel room. (The case was dismissed in December.)

Amanda Stanton. Amanda Stanton/Instagram

“You just read things in the tabloids and make assumptions about people’s relationships, but we had a great relationship,” Stanton insisted. “It wasn’t toxic, it was actually the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in. He was my best friend. I was super happy. That was not fake.”

Stanton admitted that she was taken aback when Bobby shared about the split on social media.

“I really never got a chance to talk to him about how we were going to address this in public,” she said. “Obviously, he has never gone through a breakup that’s public before, and I know he had mentioned some stuff on Instagram, and that’s okay. I don’t think he meant to hurt me, but I wasn’t necessarily ready to talk about it.”

She also dismissed any possibility of a reconciliation, saying: “I personally don’t believe in breaking up and getting back together. I just don’t think it works out. I think if you break up with someone, you break up for a reason.”

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