"I find myself getting insecure about my body all the time," Amanda Stanton said

By Natalie Stone
October 01, 2018 05:25 PM
Credit: Amanda Stanton/Instagram

Amanda Stanton is getting candid about her physical insecurities.

The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum-turned-lifestyle blogger revealed in an Instagram Story on Monday that she at times battles with her confidence.

“One of the reasons I dislike social media is because its become hard to not compare yourself to others at times,” the mother of two replied when a fan asked for tips on body positivity.

“I find myself getting insecure about my body all the time & wish I had more curves or were taller etc,” wrote Stanton, who is 5’3 1/2.”

To help her reorient her thoughts to have a positive perspective, Stanton, 28, looks to her faith in God.

“But we have to remind ourselves that we’re all unique and beautiful just the way God made us!” she concluded.

Credit: Amanda Stanton/Instagram
Credit: Amanda Stanton/Instagram

Stanton, who starred on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, enhanced her breasts back in February, thanks to Dr. T.Y. Steven Ip, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

In a post on her website, Stanton explained that after giving birth to her two daughters, Kinsley and Char, she started to contemplate the idea of getting her breasts augmented.

“To be honest, I don’t know a single mom who has breastfed in my world who didn’t *contemplate* the idea of getting a boob job or a lift of some sort. Before I was pregnant, I had full Bs. Once I had Kins & Char and breastfed them both for a year, they were basically… gone,” Stanton shared.

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The star said she ended up spending “years” doing research to make sure she found the right doctor (she visited six surgeons before finding Dr. Ip) and select the implants that worked best for her.

“You’ll see countless options out there. I got 250cc soft touch silicone implants. I originally always wanted saline because I know that it’s safer, but once I compared the two, silicone just felt so much better,” she said. “This was not an hasty decision.”

Before getting the surgery, Stanton was worried about her clothing fitting weirdly with her bigger chest, but thanks to Dr. Ip’s expertise, everything still fits like a glove.

“I was worried that my favorite off-the-shoulder flowy tops would end up looking different. Truthfully, I didn’t overdo it with the size, so everything still fits. If anything, my clothes fit me a little better than they did before,” she said.

As for her recovery, Stanton said she was surprised by how quickly she healed.

“The second day the surgery was the most painful. I don’t like taking medication, so I tried my best not to take the prescribed pain meds,” she said. “I was able to get by with just Tylenol, but I have a pretty high pain tolerance.”