Amanda Peet says she's "getting better writing than a lot of movie stars out there" on Togetherness

By Kara Warner
March 13, 2016 12:00 PM
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

At 44, Amanda Peet is a successful working actress who, despite Hollywood pressures to the contrary, has no issues with owning her age. Especially when it allows her to play realistically flawed women on TV and in film, like her “desperate” character Tina Morris on HBO’s Togetherness.

“I read a lot of scripts where the role is the girlfriend or the wife and I dutifully hug my husband and wave goodbye as he goes off to pursue the plot of the movie,” Peet tells PEOPLE. “I’m 44 and I feel like, no offense to anyone, but I’m getting better writing than a lot of movie stars out there.”

Peet loves that her character in the comedy series is completely age inappropriate. “That’s what is tragic about her and hopefully amazing about her,” she says. “She has no concept of how old she is. She desperately wishes she weren’t 40. I can’t relate to that at all,” she adds with a knowing laugh.

The actress says she has the most fun playing with her character’s crazy wardrobe.

“I know this sounds actory, but I really do revel in wearing those tight outfits,” she says. “I really think that it makes me feel really desperate and weirdly exposed and it’s probably what some people think or feel when they do nudity. I feel almost like a counter-phobia, like ‘That’s right I’m wearing it!'”

Peet admits her enthusiasm for Tina’s skimpy clothing occasionally crosses a line with the wardrobe department.

“Sometimes they have to be like, ‘Amanda, you can’t wear that.’ There are things where they’re just like, ‘That, you’ve crossed a line,'” she recalls with a giggle. “There was a bathing suit which had a lot of holes in it, and other things that are peculiarly short for someone who’s 40.”

Togetherness airs Sundays on HBO.