"I started crying because I never wrote this book with that in mind," the Live Your Life author said of Jennifer Love Hewitt's emotional dream

By Janine Puhak
June 15, 2021 11:27 AM
Nick Cordero; Amanda Kloots; Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Amanda Kloots is leaning on on her friend, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Monday, The Talk co-host, 39, said she was shocked when the 9-1-1 actress, 42, revealed that Kloots' late husband, Nick Cordero, came to her in a dream and said that his wife's new memoir, Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero, gave him peace.

Cordero died in July 2020 after suffering severe complications from COVID-19. Kloots stayed by the 41-year-old Broadway star's side as he fought the virus, and opened up about love, life and loss in the book, out Tuesday.

"Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is a very spiritual person, said the most wonderful thing to me… She had a dream about Nick visiting her and taking her on a walk in Laurel Canyon," Kloots told the outlet. "He said to her, 'Have you read the book?' And she said, 'Yes, I just finished it. Oh my god.' And he said, 'I sat by Amanda while she wrote it. I finally know my story. I have closure to my story.' "

Nick Cordero
Nick Cordero
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Stunned, she added, "I started crying because I never wrote this book with that in mind."

The fitness instructor said it all made sense, as Hewitt's vision sounded like something the Waitress star would say.

"That's so Nick to need closure. He wouldn't have known his story because I never let my negative comments, conversations [into visiting him]," Kloots explained.

"When doctor conversations happened in front of him in the hospital room, we would always go outside and I would come back in and I would give him my play-by-play on what was going to start happening, which was usually this uplifting, positive speech," she recalled. "So he never knew. He didn't know the full story."

amanda kloots, nick cordero
Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots with their son Elvis Eduardo
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Reflecting, Kloots added she'd "like to think that dream was Nick trying to tell me, 'Thank you for writing this book, because I now have closure to my story.' "

In March 2020, Cordero was diagnosed with COVID-19 and spent 95 days in the hospital, 42 of them in a medically induced coma. He developed a lung infection and septic shock and had to have his right leg amputated. After fighting for his life for over three months, he died on July 5.

In conversation with PEOPLE in October, Kloots said that Live Your Life would detail her husband's hospitalization, but also feature stories about the couple's relationship and their son, Elvis, now 2. She added that writing the memoir became a very cathartic experience.

"I started writing every night and it was just flooding out," she said at the time. "There were nights where I was typing and tears were falling down my face but it was an extremely therapeutic way of dealing with the grief."

Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero is out now.