Amanda Kloots Opens Up About Her New Role on The Talk: 'I'm Looking Forward to Evolving as a Person'

Amanda Kloots and Elaine Welteroth will join as co-hosts on The Talk on Jan. 4

Amanda Kloots is looking forward to her newest adventure!

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Kloots — who lost her husband Nick Cordero to complications from COVID-19 in July — opens up about her decision to join The Talk and what she's looking forward to the most come the new year.

"I'm really just looking forward to evolving as a person," says Kloots, who will be joining the show with additional new host Elaine Welteroth on Monday's episode of the CBS daytime talk show.

Amanda Kloots, the Talk

"I love growing and learning and being open to receiving information. And I think what's great about this show is I can go into an episode and know about the topics that we're going to talk about, but then Sharon [Osbourne] will say something or Sheryl [Underwood] will say something, or Carrie Ann [Inaba] will say something, and it really adjusts what you think," Kloots says.

The Talk
The Talk. CBS

"I think that's really cool because it changes your opinion, and then you grow from that. And I love that. And I'm really looking forward to learning from these women, because I think Elaine and Sheryl and Sharon and Carrie Ann are all completely different and unique. And I think the five of us together are going to bring some incredible energy," the mom of one shares.

Amanda Kloots and Elaine Welteroth

"The minute I walked on that set and I sat down, I felt at home, and they are all so welcoming," Kloots says of her co-hosts Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, and Carrie Ann Inaba. "Every single time I was there guest co-hosting, they just looked at me with smiles and encouragement and support. And I just felt like a part of the family right away. And that extended out into the crew and to the producers and to everyone there on the set. It just kind of felt like this big happy family, and I feel so lucky to be able to be a part of that family every day and that that will be my new work environment."

In December, Kloots — who shares 16-month-old son Elvis with her late husband — shared her excitement on Instagram, saying she's looking forward to having "thought-provoking discussions."

amanda kloots
Amanda Kloots and son Elvis. Mike Rosenthal

"IT’S OFFICIAL! Starting January 2021 I will be joining @thetalkcbs 😭❤️🎉 HOORAY FOR THE TALK!" she wrote. "I am thrilled and honored to join this incredible cast and crew. From the very first time I guest co-hosted on The Talk I knew I was amongst a very special group of people. I look forward to starting on the new year with honest and thought provoking discussions, mixed with plenty of fun and laughter! To end this year with this news, this special gift is unbelievable. My angel in heaven is certainly looking out for us. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms @sharonosbourne , @sherylunderwood, @carrieanninaba and congrats also to the amazing @elainewelteroth 🎉"

While this new chapter is bound to be challenging at times, Kloots admits she's not too nervous about her new responsibilities.

"I'm actually not too nervous about it because what I love is that because there's five of us, even if there is a topic that necessarily doesn't resonate with me right away when you start, when you're in this conversation, like I said before, somebody will say something, and then that provokes something that you didn't even think about before," she tells PEOPLE. "Or a lot of times just in everyday life, a topic turns into another topic. So I have enjoyed that too. Sometimes when I've been guesting, we're talking about a topic, but then it leads to another topic, which I think is really fun because that just is what happens in real life. I think that that's something really special about this show."

In addition to her new role, Kloots says she's looking forward to all that's to come in 2021.

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"I am excited for a new year," she says. "I always love looking forward, but I feel like just because it's a new year and at midnight it's 2021 doesn't mean necessarily that things are going to change right away. So I'm looking forward to this vaccine. I'm looking forward to our world slowly coming out of this pandemic hopefully. I'm looking forward to being around family and friends without being worried or nervous, hugging people, walking by people in the grocery store and not feeling like you have to step aside, just the things in life that make us feel like we're together. I'm excited for that, for things to kind of go back to normal a little bit."

The Talk airs weekdays at 2 p.m. EST on CBS.

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