The reality show star had steak for his first meal, did not keep the weight off

August 20, 2015 07:30 PM

Scrounging for food in the wilderness will really take off the weight – especially if you’re forced to sup on slugs from time to time.

Alan Kay, star of History channel’s Alone, lost 60 lbs. during his voluntary exile to the wild of Vancouver Island, where he had to hunt, build his own shelter and deal with weather and predators. In this exclusive clip from the finale, Kay also admits to psychological distress.

Kay, 40, tells PEOPLE there wasn’t much on the menu: “Limpets and seaweed were the staples. I also had mussels, crab, fish and slugs sporadically.”

Kay says he noticed the weight loss quickly. “Around the 14- and 21-day period, it became obvious to me I was losing [weight]. It was during these times I experienced an extreme loss of energy as well,” he says.

“At the end of my stay on Vancouver Island, my belt could wrap around to my tail bone. I went from a 38-in. waist to about a 31-in. waist. And this looks strange on me, as I am 6’6″,” Kay adds. “Looking in a mirror for the first time after coming out of the woods was surreal; the only part of me I recognized was my eyes.”

Alan Kay after losing 60 pounds during Alone
Courtesy A&E Networks

When he came home, his first treat was “a chocolate bar from the rescue team. It was the least they could do, as I learned they drank my coffee en route to pick me up. My first meal was steak, baked sweet potato, asparagus in a bleu cheese cream sauce and chocolate torte.”

When asked if he kept the weight off, Kay says, “Of course not. This obviously was not a healthy, slow, sustainable weight loss plan. This was extremely rapid. Best quick weight-loss plan on the market today!”

The Alone season finale airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on History.

Reporting by EMILY STROHM

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