The Cast of 'All My Children ' Reunites to Act Out Some of Their Most Memorable Scenes

Susan Lucci, Walt Willey, Jacob Young, Cady McClain and Jill Larson reprised their characters from the beloved soap opera

The cast of All My Children brought Pine Valley to Times Square.

On Monday’s episode of ABC’s Strahan & Sara, Susan Lucci, Walt Willey, Jacob Young, Cady McClain and Jill Larson reunited to dish on what it was like filming the beloved soap opera (which ran for 41 years!) and what they’ve been up to since the show wrapped in 2011.

“The most amazing thing is we’ve all had this ongoing relationship with the audience on a daily basis,” McClain told hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines. “It continues to this day, which is amazing. So grateful for that.”

Lucci, who played the iconic Erica Kane throughout the show’s entire run, said she still gets stopped by fans all the time.

“People stop as if All My Children never went off,” she said. “They still talk about the storyline, the characters.”

Lucci, 72, was also tasked with naming all of her character’s husbands, much to everyone’s amusement.

“The weddings were always so beautiful,” gushed Young, 39. “That’s one thing I remember the most about the show. And I know the fans relate to that too, because they were very epic.”

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

The stars even reprised their famous characters to act out some of their most memorable scenes.

And even after all these years, the cast agrees that it feels just like the old days when they get together.

“It’s such a touchstone, it’s such an anchor,” said Larson, 71.

Strahan & Sara airs weekdays at 1 p.m. ET on ABC.

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