All About Joseph Duggar's Surprise Engagement at Sister Joy-Anna's Wedding

"We are not 100 percent sure as far as the exact date of the wedding, but we like fall at some point," Joseph Duggar tells PEOPLE

It was an engagement at a wedding!

Joseph Duggar popped to question to Kendra Caldwell while attending his sister Joy-Anna‘s wedding on May 26, and their family couldn’t have been happier — including the bride.

“I was definitely nervous going into it, but I wasn’t afraid that she was going to say no, because she has said, ‘I’m just waiting on you!’” Joseph told PEOPLE following the proposal.

Lissa Chandler/TLC

It was nearly two hours into the reception, when her 22-year-old asked Kendra to be his future wife in front of their close friends and family — with Joy-Anna’s blessing, of course.

“I’m so happy and so shocked. There’s so many words I want to say, but just shocked. I had absolutely no idea,” Kendra revealed. “He had the ring in his pocket so when I went to go help myself and grab mints out of his pocket, he grabbed at his pocket and I pulled my hand away. But then I quickly forgot about it.”

The pair, who met through their church, are eager to start wedding planning and hoping for a fall wedding.

“We are not 100 percent sure as far as the exact date of the wedding, but we like fall at some point,” said Joseph.

“There were lots of things I was definitely taking tips on at Joy-Anna’s wedding that I thought we might do,” Kendra added.

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As for plans after their wedding, the couple admit that they want to remain in the area close to their family and church.

“We are definitely going to stay in the area. We love working ministry here at the church and we can see ourselves being very involved with the church and doing a lot of those things together,” explained Joseph. “That’s really where we’ve spent the most time together, just ministering together.”

“We love our church and both of our families live in this area,” he continued. “We will be here for now unless the lord calls us somewhere else to minister.”

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