The trainers find it hard to make peace with a challenge that sees contestants eating Halloween candy

By Alison Sweeney
Updated November 06, 2013 11:00 AM
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

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I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and remembered that the fun of trick or treating can be had without consuming crazy amounts of sugar.

Just look at how much fun Ellen [DeGeneres] and I had on Halloween! LOL!

As exciting as the costumes and spirit of Halloween can be, Halloween night is scarier than I ever thought: Can you believe that the average kid gets 7,000 calories of candy in just one night? It’s a staggering number and the stats are a strong motivator for this season’s first Biggest Loser Temptation.

Once I told the contestants that they were playing for team immunity, the prize definitely captured their attention. Once the contestants began to eat their candy, with such an important prize at stake, the calorie consumption definitely climbed quickly.

By the time the Blue Team won immunity (assuming nobody gained weight on the scale), I started worrying for the Red and White Team members about how Dolvett and Jillian would react to their choice to eat so much candy. As Craig said, “There’s nothing scarier than a mad Jillian Michaels.”

The trainers clearly gave their teams a grueling workout, but the letters from home were the reminder to the contestants of what they were fighting for each and every day on the ranch. The Blue Team members each lost weight, which meant it was Red vs. White for who was going home this week, since both Dolvett and Jillian had previously used their trainer saves.

The White Team all had great numbers, particularly with Jay now having lost 53 lbs. since getting on campus. David having lost 62 lbs. since the show started is another great accomplishment celebrated this week on the scale.

In the end, we had to say goodbye to Ruben, one of my favorite contestants of all time.

My favorite moment of the week: Seeing the incredible transformation that Biingo’s family has made and seeing that sweet boy happy and active.