The host gives props to the contestants' unwavering determination as she recaps Tuesday night's episode

By Alison Sweeney
October 23, 2013 02:15 PM
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Alison Sweeney is the host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, the award-winning star of Days of Our Lives, and author of The Star Attraction and The Mommy Diet. She’s also a director, producer, wife and mom. Like she has for the past three seasons, Alison will blog each week about the latest episode of The Biggest Loser. Follow her on Twitter: @Ali_Sweeney.

Here’s hoping you were able to catch last night’s episode of The Biggest Loser, because there were so many great moments in it.

When we shoot the challenges and the weigh-in, the contestants tell me their stories from the week, but I loved watching Jillian Michaels and Craig’s conversation during the show because it explains why he had a better attitude when he got to the first challenge – one in which he believed in himself and wanted to represent his team. The weight he eventually lost at the end of the week – 11 lbs. – was a testament to his hard work and great attitude.

I also thought Dolvett Quince’s conversation with Jennifer, in which she responded, “I have to stop saying, ‘I need to,’ and start saying, ‘I’m going to,’ ” really helped boost her determination during the challenge. In the end, the Blue and Red Teams were neck and neck, and it was great to see the satisfaction from the Blue Team after their first win.

When we got to the roll of the die before weigh-in, the room was filled with tension. We could immediately tell who wanted their faces to show up and who were dreading it. I really loved that Hap was happy he made it, especially after his heartfelt video chat with his family, and the fact that he lost 13 lbs. for the week while keeping his team safe for another week.

I felt for Jillian because she was right – if her roll had landed on anyone other than Fernanda, her team would have been safe. But Fernanda is a tough girl, and I can’t wait to see next Tuesday’s episode to find out how she’s doing.

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From left: Craig, Jennifer and Hap
Paul Drinkwater/NBC (3)

One person who’s doing great today because of her time on the ranch is Lindsay, one of our kid ambassadors from last season. I remember meeting our kid ambassadors the first day – what a tough road they had ahead of them.

And to see how well Lindsay is doing now?! Amazing. Inspiring. She’s incredible – I loved how she talked about giving advice to other kids on how to live healthily! As she said, she has a fresh start going into high school, and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of her.

My favorite moment of the week: Tanya explaining that her ex-husband’s name was David, so it was easy to yell at her teammate David during the challenge. She cracks me up!

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