By Monica Rizzo
Updated August 02, 2010 12:00 AM
Bob D'Amico/ABC, Matt Klitscher/ABC

Ali Fedotowsky‘s search for love on The Bachelorette has ended. After starting out with 25 men, the former Facebook employee faced betrayal and heartbreak during her journey around the world, before ending up with two “amazing guys with big hearts.” Did she pick Chris or Roberto?

By agreeing to be this season’s Bachelorette, Ali sacrificed her job, moved out of her apartment and abandoned life as she knew it. “I wanted to risk it all for love, ” says Ali, who had to decide if either of her final two suitors – landscaper Chris Lambton, 33, and insurance agent Roberto Martinez, 26 – were right for her.

“They’re both great guys,” Ali said on Monday’s season finale, acknowledging that each man has nothing but the best to offer her. “But I need to pick who’s right for me. ”

And she did! The risk paid off and Ali, 25, accepted Roberto’s marriage proposal in Bora Bora. It was apparent as she had her final date with him that she was truly smitten. After an adventure-filled day of jet-skiing, wading among a school of stingrays and picnicking on a private beach, the two shared passionate kisses as they lay in each other’s arms that night.

“I love Roberto,” Fedotowsky confessed, saying to the camera that despite having a date planned with Chris the next day, she didn’t want to say goodbye.

The following morning, Ali showed up for her date with Chris, but instead of going on an island adventure, she gently broke the news to him that he was not the one. “I m in love with somebody else,” she said. “I have to let you go here and not wait till tomorrow.” Ali explained that she didn t want Chris to have to go through the motions of showing up the next day to propose.

Chris, a true gentleman, wished Ali well. “Good luck tomorrow,” he said. “Go find out if he loves you, alright? You re easy to love.” After giving Fedotowsky several more emotional embraces, he said goodbye.

Chris respected Ali s honesty, and confessed, “As much as this situation hurts, I want to see her happy. ”

The next day, all of the season’s drama went away when Roberto showed up to face Ali, who waited in a strapless yellow gown. “I m one-hundred percent certain with all of my heart that Roberto is the man for me,” she said. “I can only hope that he feels the same way.”

He did.

Clearly wanting the moment to be special, Roberto took time to express his feelings. “You told me how important it was for your husband to love you unconditionally and to always be by your side no matter what,” he said. “I want to be that man for you. I want to make you laugh. I want to make you smile. I want to make sure you wake up every morning for the rest of your life knowing that you are so, so loved.”

“You’re the only guy here today,” Ali told him. “I love you so much.”

“I want to grow old with you,” Roberto said. “I want to share my life my life with you. Share my life with me?”

Then, he got down on one knee and pulled a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring out of his pocket, opened the box and asked the million dollar question, “Ali Fedotowsky, will you marry me?”

“Oh my gosh! Yes! Yes!” she said. The two embraced and shared a long kiss before Ali remembered she had one final obligation. Picking up the last rose of the season, she looked into Roberto s eyes and asked, “Aceptaréas esta rosa?”

“Sé!” Roberto said, accepting the rose, before whisking her away in his arms.

Tell: Were you surprised with Ali’s choice? Do you think she and Roberto will last? Should Chris be the next Bachelor?