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Updated June 22, 2010 01:00 AM
Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

Ali Fedotowsky, the 25-year-old advertising account manager from San Francisco and former contestant on The Bachelor is the star of The Bachelorette. Each week, she blogs for and shares her thoughts about the episode that aired the night before. You re going to see me get mad, cry, be happy, stressed out, Fedotowsky says of the current season. The real me – the good, bad and the ugly. In today’s blog, after spending time in New York City, Ali reveals just how cold it really was in Iceland, her thoughts on Justin, Kasey, Chris N. and more:

Well it may have been cold in Iceland, but it was more than worth it. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Iceland really is a spectacular country and every day I saw something totally different than the day before. I’m usually not a cold-weather kind of girl but it was breathtaking there. And speaking of cold, Chris Harrison, what were you thinking wearing only a sweater?! It was FREEZING outside! I think I had seven layers on. The guys’ poems were great. I was super impressed with Craig‘s poem. He is such a funny guy! Kirk‘s poem was so sweet. Poor Chris N. tried so hard and looked super nervous, but at the end of the day this is about finding love.

Playing around in the sweater shop with Kirk was a blast. I love that I can be silly with him (I learned that his mother calls him Kirky — how cute!). It was actually his idea that we get matching outfits. Pure genius! We looked like such dorks; I loved it! Did you notice we shared the same mitten when we walked into the coffee shop? I felt bad that his hands were cold … and sharing is caring. ?

A cool part of traveling is the cultural experience. Getting to see the men play the Icelandic xylophone and listening to their rhymes was so unique to witness, especially on a date.

I’m really glad that Kirk opened up to me about his sickness. What a strong guy. He has been through a lot over the past few years and I am so grateful that he is here on this journey with me. What you didn’t see is that we actually went dancing after dinner at a little pub. I loved our day experiencing the local culture.

Now, time to see what kind of adventure Iceland has to offer. I’ve always wanted to ride a horse, so this date was really exciting. How funny was it that Chris L. kept falling off the horse? Ha! Thankfully, Ty saved the day! The guide who was with us was really scared for a minute because we rode the horse on top of the cave. The horses were so heavy that we could have fallen through at any minute! Luckily, that didn’t happen.

It is hard to tell when watching the episode but it was so cold outside and my gloves were not warm at all. I love that Chris gave me his. What a sweet guy. Since it was so cold, I am really glad that we got to head to the Blue Lagoon next. In case anyone is wondering, no, I was not wearing my bikini under the snowsuit the whole day. I would have frozen to death!

The 2-on-1 date can be described in one word — awkward. But heck, we got to see the volcano erupt. I am so grateful for the experience. We got so close that we could actually feel the heat coming off the volcano on our faces. It was unreal. One thing that I was disappointed to see while watching this episode is how Justin was acting. He was a different person with me then he was with the guys or in his interviews. Plus, he was awful to Kasey and I felt really bad for him. Kasey is a nice guy with a huge heart. Yes, he can be super cheesy at times, but honestly, I love that he put it all out there. In the end, I had to let him go because I wasn’t feeling the same things he was. The last thing I wanted was for Kasey to feel bad about who he is, particularly when the tattoo he got will be with him for the rest of his life. And yes, I’ve heard the rumors that the tattoo was fake. Don’t believe everything you read, because I can assure you it was as real as can be. Also, just so you all know, we didn’t leave Kasey on the glacier alone. He went back to town with the other camera crew. I actually checked in with my producer later that night to make sure he got home okay. I hope he is happy right now and hopefully in love with a great girl. ?

At the rose ceremony, I was so glad Frank pulled me aside right away. As I explained to Frank, I needed him to make more of an effort. I felt like I had been babying him lately and I needed him to step up and be a man. Nice work Frankie. ? And I must say that Craig‘s fake tattoo was HILARIOUS! Well done, Craig, well done.

Then there is Chris N. I know you all are all wondering who the heck he is. The guys in the house actually called him Phantom because he was always so quiet. Chris N. embraced the name! What you don’t know about Chris N. is that he is a very active philanthropist. On the very first night he told me the he donated skateboarding ramps to less fortunate children in my name. What a great guy. We will miss you, Phantom!

Until Turkey…

xo, –Ali FedotowskyBob D’Amico/ABC