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June 08, 2010 01:00 AM

Ali Fedotowsky, the 25-year-old advertising account manager from San Francisco and former contestant on The Bachelor is now the star of The Bachelorette. Each week, she will share her thoughts about the episode that aired the night before. You re going to see me get mad, cry, be happy, stressed out, Fedotowsky says of the current season. The real me – the good, bad and the ugly. After having the best first date ever and dismissing Craig Dangerous McKinnon last week, Ali blogs this week about her high-wire date, Justin’s long walk to her house, kissing in the hot tub and more:

I am a girl who loves adventure. Yes, walking a tightrope 20 stories in the air 100 feet between two buildings seems really scary, but honestly it wasn’t. It was fun! I think I owe that to Roberto. He and I actually salsa danced on the tightrope. We weren’t scared! We were just playing around and enjoying the experience. When we made it to the other side we watched the sunset and then danced while Roberto sang softly into my ear. It was incredibly romantic. Cuddling up with him after dinner felt very natural. For the first time in my life, listening to rap as a kid paid off! Mom, you always said that I didn’t learn anything from that music. 🙂 I also learned how to say “trétame especial” when I listened to that song as a kid, and I have a feeling Roberto would do just that.

Flying over to the date you hear me say that I don’t want the pilot to go too close to the wires. The reason I was so scared of the wires is that a few days before I started filming the show, I actually had a dream that I was in a helicopter that crashed because it ran into a wire that the pilot didn’t see. I told my producer about this dream and we were both really freaked out because at that moment she told me that I would be taking a helicopter to the tightrope date. Helicopter + wire date = me not being so thrilled while flying that day. Eek! So glad it was just a dream and not a premonition!

The group date this week was a blast! There was a lot of kissing in my scenes which made things really awkward. During my scene with Kirk, I actually asked the guys to leave the room because I wanted to be respectful and not make them feel uncomfortable. I never would have kissed Kirk with all the guys watching. However, I guess some of the guys must have peaked at some point because they obviously saw something. But this was a scene and we were acting – the real kiss came later in the hot tub. Moving on! Don’t you just love the song?!?! After the shoot the Bare Naked Ladies gave me a copy of their new album which was the only CD I had with me on the trip (besides few songs on an iPod). I listened to it a lot throughout this whole adventure and now whenever I listen to it, it reminds me of my experience as the Bachelorette.

My date with Hunter was really difficult for me to figure out. I liked him and he seemed like a great guy but I didn t feel like we really had any chemistry. When we were grilling things were easy. Who am I kidding? HE was grilling. I cannot cook/grill/bake at all. However, I did carry the lettuce like no one s business. Ha ha. Besides our lighthearted dinner conversation, everything else seemed unnatural and a little bit awkward. I hated that I had to let Hunter go on this date, but I knew it wasn’t fair to either one of us if I had asked him to stay just because I thought he was a good guy. I will say that I think Hunter’s a catch and I hope he finds a great girl to play his ukulele to. 🙂

Meanwhile, I can’t believe all the things Justin was saying to the guys. I had no idea he was dropping hints about coming up to my house without actually telling the guys. Not so cool. I thought he would have just flat out told them that he came to visit me. In fact, I felt so bad when I let that slip to Roberto at the rose ceremony. I really didn’t want to make things harder on Justin, but it looks like he wasn’t being too nice to the guys so I don’t feel as bad anymore.

Separate from the drama at the rose ceremony there was also some fun! You heard Chris L. and I talk about how we like to play flip cup (yes, I still like to play a silly college game every once in awhile), but what you didn’t see is our actual game of flip cup. Chris said he was good so I challenged him right on the spot. Wonder who won? Yup, I did. 🙂 Sorry to call you out, Chris, but I just had to. Better luck next time. Ha ha.

What a crazy week of dates. My relationships are starting to grow stronger and I am feeling really good at this point. I feel like I could find my husband here! I actually started a journal at the beginning of the show and the very first sentence reads, “This is the story of how I met my husband … ”

Until next time!

XO, –Ali Fedotowsky

Tell us: Did Ali pick the right guys to stay another week in the house? What do you think of Roberto? What do you think of Kirk? And what do you think of Justin and his walk to Ali’s place?

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