The former Bachelorette contestant also tells PEOPLE about her plans for kids with fiancé Kevin Manno

By Abby Stern
Updated September 22, 2015 06:00 PM
Credit: Allen Berezovsky/Wireimage

Ali Fedotowsky‘s bachelorette days have been numbered since she got engaged to radio host Kevin Manno on Sept. 3. While they’ve started to plan their wedding, they haven’t hammered out any of the details quite yet.

“I always thought I wanted a destination wedding. But now that I’m actually planning, I don’t know,” Fedotowsky, 31, told PEOPLE at Favored.By Presents the 4th Annual Red CARpet Safety Awareness Event, held Saturday in Los Angeles.

She says they are thinking of making it a quick planning process for a wedding that could potentially take place just months from now.

While Fedotowsky isn’t pregnant – yet – the couple’s desire to have children right away is a big reason why they want to race to the altar.

“I’m really open about my life, and we want to have kids,” she shared.

Before getting engaged, the couple had discussed trying to get pregnant before planning a wedding, but Fedotowsky decided she wanted “to have that bride experience before having a family.”

Despite wanting a child sooner rather than later, Fedotowsky isn’t planning on expanding her family too much. When asked if she wanted a big family, she quickly said, “No.”

She’d like to have two kids so the first one “wasn’t an only child.”

As for the vibe of Fedotowsky’s actual wedding, don’t expect the usual matrimonial pomp and circumstance.

“I’m so not traditional,” Fedotowsky confessed. “I want anything but traditional. But I don’t care really. I almost would rather elope.”

When it comes to her bridal look, Fedotowsky hasn’t made any decisions, but she’s sure of what she doesn’t want.

“I definitely I won’t have a ballgown dress,” she says. And as far as her footwear goes, it will be anything but formal. “I plan on being either barefoot or wearing Converses on my wedding day,” she adds. “It’s one or the other. No heels.”

Luckily Fedotowsky isn’t walking into wedding planning alone. Her fiancé Manno, 32, is right by her side.

“He just wants to do whatever makes me happy, but he wants to be involved with everything,” she said.

But don’t expect her to pull a Bridezilla and make the day all about her.

“Neither one of us is traditional in the sense of, ‘Oh, the woman plans the wedding.’ It’s our day, we’re going to plan it together.”