The former Bachelorette tells PEOPLE she's on the mend after undergoing surgery on her left leg

By Monica Rizzo
July 01, 2011 11:55 AM
Courtesy Ali Fedotowsky

Talk about a bummer summer. Former Bachelorette and avid beach-goer Ali Fedotowsky is recuperating after undergoing an operation Wednesday to repair her fractured femur.

In response to the outpouring of concern from fans around the country, Fedotowsky, 26, decided to update her faithful followers via a personal note she sent to PEOPLE:

The surgery went well. They had to drill a few holes in my femur to simulate bone re-growth, and they had to cut out a piece of cartilage in my knee that wasn’t healing properly and creating issues when I walked.

It’s painful, but the medication is helping a lot. I usually don’t like to take medication, so it has been very hard to manage my pain. Although, my doctor told me post-op pain management is important, so I am trying my best.

A side story: A photographer was waiting outside of the hospital after my surgery. When Roberto went to bring the car to the post-op front door, Roberto saw him and was very clear that he had to leave. He really wanted to stay, but Roberto was not happy that he wouldn’t give us our privacy after an operation. I was really proud of Roberto for protecting me that way.

I have also been fortunate that other friends and family have gone above and beyond in trying to help me in their own ways as I recover and get back on my feet. Without my asking, people have been there to support me, and it touches my heart to know they care that much.