February 14, 2018 11:29 AM

Charles in Charge‘s Alexander Polinsky is accusing his former costar, Scott Baio, of sexual abuse.

Polinsky, 43, has hired attorney Lisa Bloom to represent him and is scheduled to make a public statement on Wednesday, according to a press release shared on her Twitter account Tuesday.

“Alexander Polinsky, who was a child actor on the popular 1980s sitcom Charles in Charge, will speak out for the first time to describe the sexual harassment and abuse he alleges against actor Scott Baio at a press conference [Wednesday, Feb. 14],” the statement reads.

“His attorney Lisa Bloom will speak out as well regarding the legal options available to Mr. Polinsky. Ms. Bloom also represents Nicole Eggert, who has publicly alleged that Mr. Baio sexually abused her when she was an underage actor on Charles in Charge,” it continues.

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Nicole Eggert — who first hired Bloom after she alleged via Twitter on Jan. 27 that Baio molested her beginning at age 14 — will also “attend and give a short statement as well.” (Baio has repeatedly denied Eggert’s claims, calling them “100 [percent] lies.”)

An LAPD media relations officer could not confirm that Polinsky has filed a police report against Baio.

Polinsky’s sexual abuse allegations against Baio come nearly a week after he provided a statement to The Talk — read out while Eggert was on the show to discuss her own sexual abuse allegations against the actor — in which he accused Baio of physical assault and mental abuse.

Eggert, 46, said on the show that Polinsky, who played Adam Powell on Charles in Charge, went with her to file to the police station when she filed a report against Baio and Polinsky also made his own police report supporting her allegations. In addition to supporting the actress’ claims, Polinsky alleged he was physically abused by Baio.

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The Talk host Sara Gilbert became emotional reading his statement on his behalf, explaining, “He’s actually a dear friend of mine.”

“Working on the set of Charles in Charge from age 11 to 15 was no picnic, it was a toxic environment,” Polinsky said in the statement. “I witnessed Scott Baio acting inappropriately towards Nicole Eggert during my first year of working on the show. I walked in on them together behind the set. Nicole was on Scott’s lap and he did not appreciate my intrusion. He yelled at me and called me various homophobic slurs.”

The Talk
He continued, “Growing up on the show I received regular verbal attacks, mental abuse and I also suffered a physical assault at the hands of Scott Baio. There is no excuse for his behavior. It is abhorrent.”

“Both Nicole and I were minors. We deserved safe passage to do our jobs and also be kids,” Polinsky added in his statement. “If we want to change the culture, we have to bring out the truth, take back control from the abusers and make them listen to the pain of their victims.”

He added, “For the sake of the next generation of young artists we must empower parents and social workers to heed the signals, ask the proper questions and protect children from monsters in the workplace. The cycle of abuse must stop. Even 30 years after the acts, they still matter.”

When reached for comment, Baio’s representative said he will be giving a press conference Wednesday addressing Polinsky’s claims.

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